Are Tiny Houses For You? Try One Out In Paradise!

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (Author of ‘” and former host of HGTV’s “”), while a speaker at the NJ Tiny House Festival, stops by to tour the newest house in Jeremy Ricci’s collection- a Tumbleweed Cypress Model. This particular tiny house on wheels was outfitted, painted, and staged by Behr Paints and given away in a contest in conjunction with Tumbleweed. The house now resides on a tiny house vacation compound in Sarasota, Florida and can be rented by the night.


  1. Hubby and I would love to rent a tiny house for our 30th wedding anniversary.problem my hubby is in a power wheelchair.we can only gone to places that are wheelchair friendly.the doors have to be wide,the rooms also have to have pleanty of space to turn around,back up,be close to the bed.the bathroom has to be wide and the shower has to be a roll in shower with no lip,step,toilet has to be higher to transfer with ease.its hard to find that.
    Have you thought about building a tiny house that accommodates wheelchairs?it would have to be one level,ramp to get in and out.cant do stairs,ladders,steps.if you ever did you’d have a waiting list to rent it,seriously.yes it’s hard to find places wheelchair friendly.

  2. Yeah so only two chairs and a small table on hand while there’s sleeping space for 4 people, maybe 5 since the couch looked like a pull-out. Also you can’t take the table outside to enjoy the breakfast in the nature, and since this is a vacation rental I can imagine I’d love to do just that

  3. I have sort of a relax shack a RUNAWAY CAMPER came with a 5K BTU AC and I sleep in it every night or day if I decide to get a nap. I wake in the am to 63 degrees some mornings. It can be 90 out but I am chilling !

    I have tarps covering the thing and I have it strung up where I can see out when under it. I don’t have to worry about heating from the direct sun light. I can only lay down in it I have to make the bed through the windows difficult to get the sheets on.

    I would like to see somebody design a camper like mine that has 2 positions. Laying down on the wheels and standing up on its but for a desk? Think about it ? Would have to use a portable AC and have it where it would swing and stand up either position. That or get an A frame pop up I LOVE them things but man are they spensive !

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