Aussie overlander’s own travels inspire rugged 4WD campervan

Lance Gillies and his wife were globe-hopping overlanders who couldn’t buy the rugged, go-anywhere four-wheel-drive home they could imagine so they built it instead. Today, his ()- based company makes the rapidly-deployable on a hefty Mitsubishi Fuso platform (complete with a motorized retractable toilet and indoor shower), but a newer pop-top as well.

* Special thanks to Budapest-Bamako for race footage:


  1. I have seen quite a few of these mobile homes, and got to say this is one of my favourites. I love both the large truck and the pickup truck versions. They seem completely compact, yet very practical and functional. Not a fan of those humongous mobile homes.

  2. haha … luv this Aussie ….”that’s horrible, we want to spend all this money, we want it the way we want — well, then make it yourself ! 😃

  3. Absolutely love the Aussie many USA RVs are made just for smooth highway driving. Wish more campers were made this good..I like the comment the designer made bout modifications..if you want it different, make it yourself. So if you think of a better way diy.

  4. I have been fascinating by overland vehicle for a while now. Earthcruiser is definitely my favorite, because is one of the few that delivers confort and practicality for its size. About the price, you have to consider that your are also buying a 4×4 truck, not a Ford transit. He also mentions in other videos why they pick this platform. Finally if you start looking into this segment he is selling more towards the lower end price, some can sell up to 1 or 2 million.

    Love earthcruisers, great video!

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