Off-Grid Artisan Tiny House Built To Escape Wildfires

November 16, 2018 john 20 61712 12:19

Ryan was fortunate. With his last 28ft tiny house on wheels he managed to pull it just out of the way of the wildfires which swept through California in 2017. That experience really got him thinking about the design of his home though and he decided to build something more compact which was more easily…

When Very Little Is JUST ENOUGH

November 12, 2018 john 31 14416 01:52

Zen Den is architect-designed and built for travel with high-tech, super-insulated, and ultra-quiet structural insulated wall, floor, and roof panels. Materials are sustainable and non-toxic. It’s RVIA-certified so it can be financed, doesn’t need a building permit, and can be delivered in 3 months. Tiny houses for sale at Tiny houses for sale…

Tiny house on wheels: The Magnolia

November 11, 2018 john 20 5798 14:52

Hello! We are so happy to be able to make a living from our dream of designing and building tiny houses on wheels. This is the Magnolia! a 36 ft x 10,5 model inspired mostly by the Laurier and the Ébène design! If you want to know more about PRICING or anything on this house, visit…

40+ Tiny Houses Featured- WIN this NEW tiny house book

November 10, 2018 john 20 2876 08:30

Just released, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen’s new book “Micro Living: 40 Innovative Tiny Houses Equipped for Full-Time Living, in 400 Square Feet or Less” that featured 40 tiny houses from around the world. What do you know, my “Cheer Stand” is in there too! Buy a copy here! Leave a comment below and we’ll randomly pick…

The Ultimate Off-Grid VAN LIFE in Sprinter Van with a HUGE Solar System

November 10, 2018 john 20 16763 10:51

Wes and Savana have been van dwellers for the past few years, and with their solar energy business, they were able to create the ultimate Sprinter van conversion. FULL STORY: MORE TINY LIFE: Website: ———-CREDITS———— ADDITIONAL MUSIC: OPENING DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE & PHOTOS: Wes & Savana

Jay Shafer’s Stunning $5,000 Tiny House

November 9, 2018 john 20 91518 16:07

Jay Shafer is a man who many know as the Godfather of the modern tiny house movement. It was 20 years ago now that he build his original tiny house on wheels and that moment has since inspired thousands of people all over the world (me included) to construct their own tiny homes. His new…

Yurt Life and Permaculture In High Sierra

November 2, 2018 john 20 59922 17:22

In this weeks episode we travel into the High Sierra region of California to visit a dynamic young family who are living big in a yurt home on their 30 acre homestead / permaculture property. Traditionally used by nomads in Central Asia, yurts are much less common in the west, however these well insulated, portable…

They Saved Money by Downsizing to a TINY HOUSE with their Kids

October 30, 2018 john 29 15394 10:02

Hannah and Josh downsized to a Tiny Home with their two children (ages 1 and 3) after not being able to afford a regular house in a neighborhood near Bellingham, Washington. ———-CREDITS———— ADDITIONAL MUSIC: DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed

Proof Families Can Live In A Tiny House

October 28, 2018 john 32 17214 03:02

With a downstairs bedroom and two lofts above, The Archer has more than enough sleeping places for everyone in the family to catch some z’s. Add a deck to this lovely tiny house and you’ll have plenty of breathing room. It kind of reminds me of what my Mom used to say when I was…