Beach-Themed Tiny House is Bright, Functional, and Available for Rent

A tour of “The Beach,” a tiny house available for nightly rental at the Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland, Oregon. Read on for more info.

The Beach Tiny House is one of the most popular tiny houses at the Tiny Digs Hotel. It’s the brightest, and (arguably) the most functional tiny house on the property. If you are looking to in a Tiny House one day, this rental will give you an accurate taste of the lifestyle. Little details, such as a mermaid handle and a sandy vanity, give the adorable space a charming aesthetic. Whoever decorated the tinies at the Tiny Digs Hotel, did a wonderful job staying focused on the specific themes. And, they didn’t hold back on creativity! A lot of love was put into these structures.

The Tiny Digs Hotel – located in the Kerns district of Portland – opened in the fall of 2016. They built six Tiny Homes to be used for a unique hotel room experience. Each tiny is only feet and is personalized with a theme. Other Tiny Houses available include The Modern, The Barn, The Gypsy, The Log Cabin, and The Bamboo.


  1. I like the exterior of the house which I assumed the house was going to provide more amenities, storages, more kitchen and bathroom space.

  2. Jenna, thank you so much for the tour. I have only been to Portland once, for business, but I thought it was gorgeous. If I get the opportunity to go back, I am definitely going to stay at the Tiny House hotel!

  3. I don’t generally like small places, but something about Tiny Houses really appeals to me and I would love to either live in one or to stay in one for a week or something

  4. This one is so cute! The loft especially, the roof pitch makes it feel so airy and open.

    Serious question: I’m in the process of designing my own tiny house in sketch-up and I plan on putting my door over the wheel wells. Have you come across any books or guides that would help with framing that properly? I have some ideas but I like to ask around the TH community for suggestions.

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