Beautiful Luxury Tiny Houses Built in Canada

Minimaliste Houses out of Quebec, Canada is no stranger to this channel. Phil (the owner) has given us quite a few tours (see link below for the playlist) in the past year or so. Here’s a quick trailer “teaser” that gives us the quick low-down on some of the builds Minimaliste has built recently. Enjoy!

Built by Minimaliste Houses in Quebec, Canada –

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    • The people who say its overpriced is because they dont know what they are talking about, because we have the lowest prices on the market for the same quality product, apple to apple.

    • Toi-Jones, depends what you want out of it…

      Typically, you’re not paying for things like being able to live off-grid with a regular house.

      Nor is a regular house likely to be as energy efficient so you actually end up saving more in the long run. You’d typically be spending up to hundreds more a month living in a big house and that adds up to a lot over time.

      Regular houses are also usually not custom built for you but rather you’re getting something already made and usually years to decades old.

      So at the very least you have to consider the added cost of doing a remodel/renovation to really consider that comparable.

      Mind, building your dream home would typically run into the millions with a traditional big house.

      Along with other variables, like a house that can be moved means you’re not tied to the local economy, you can move the house whenever there’s a known danger like forest fire, flooding, hurricane, etc. headed your way, you can choose to live in more affordable places, being able to live off-grid opens up many options and can significantly reduce long term costs.

      Of course, there’s no such thing as something that will work equally well for everyone and there can be better solutions in some places but the problem is not everyone has good solutions.

      There are places where the local real estate market puts everything into the hundreds of thousand and even million dollar range, and simply moving to a more affordable location isn’t always a option for everyone.

      Besides, there are things people spend a lot more on but get less…

      A 2018 Airstream Basecamp, which is a camper RV, starts at around $40,000… The upcoming Airstream Class B+, forgot name, is going to be over $217,000…

      Custom RV’s typically cost hundreds of thousands into the millions… Will Smith and Mariah Carey both have a custom Travel Trailer that they paid over $2.5 million for and the upper range actually goes over $3 million.

      So for something that is custom built for you, exactly how you want it, and skies the limit on features it can have is actually a pretty good price compared to the comparable alternatives.

      While you can always choose a more basic and thus cheaper design if that’s all you need.

    • ZeoCyberG Thank you so much for the info!!! And yes you are right you can move your home and live off grid which is what I will do eventually. $60,000 is much more doable for me.

    • Tiny houses are actually pretty resilient. The DIY ones you may have to worry but the professional built ones can be incredibly durable.

      Some even over build to the point the walls are rated for over 200 MPH winds.

      But for some proof, just look up Tiny Siesta Keys… It’s a little Tiny House hotel in the Siesta Key Beach area… All 8 Tiny Houses there made it through Irma without any damage and there are a couple of other examples from people who own their own, one was even still building, Tiny House in Florida.

      Being able to move them is a nice bonus as well as that lets you take it away from known danger like forest fires.

      Rather, main thing to worry about is flooding… Unless you design the house to float, which you can with a Tiny House, best to park on high ground or move it to a safer location.

      It’s also easier to have it off-grid… So when the local utilities get cut off for up to a month you can more easily remain comfortable in a Tiny House or just move it to where there is service.

      While, depending on county you can also opt for a Tiny House on a foundation either by itself or as a ADU…

  1. Very nice the size and look of that bathroom was perfect. I love the looks of alot of these but I’m disabled and can’t climb stairs, I would love to start seeing more “tiny” homes that people with disabilities can live in.

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