Beautiful Small ADU Home In Metro Vancouver

This week, we are in Vancouver, British Columbia where the city has opened up accessory dwelling unit living to help create urban infill in the form of Homes. Vancouver is one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in and ’s are one of the cities attempts at creating more options.

Scott and Tania were fortunate enough to be able to build a Laneway home in Tania’s parents back yard, saving them from some pretty dire alternative options in a city where many have been priced out of the possibility of home ownership. This form of Multigenerational living isn’t available to everyone, as the cost of land in Vancouver is so high, but for those with access to the resource it’s a wonderful option.

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A Laneway home is a kind of accessory dwelling unit () which is typically constructed in an urban backyard facing onto the lane. This 498 square foot (46sqm) home is stunningly crafted and packed with some great small space design concepts. The home has everything the couple needs, from a wonderful open plan kitchen and living room, to the upstairs bedroom and even an office where Tania can work from home. All this is located right in the heart of Vancouver, giving the couple the ability to enjoy all the benefits of right at their doorstep.

I hope you enjoy the full video tour of this beautiful .

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Camera: Bryce Langston & Rasa Pescud
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  1. They have a very nice home! It also makes me kinda angry that a simple home goes up for 2 million these days. It should be illegal

  2. now i get to kw why thr are so many likes to this video in such a short period of time… this house is just awsome… and all credit goes to that couple and there vision and creativity… i love this home…?

  3. This tiny house is bigger than the two bedroom, end of terrace house that I rent, even the garden has more space.

  4. I’d have that office upstairs, that’s the best part of the house. Only 1 toilet and it’s next to the bedroom? A bit weird when you have guests.

  5. Thank you for showing homes that are different and not on wheels. I want to downsize and won’t be traveling with my home. I am considering having the home built and appreciate it when you comment on the laws and regulations on building such homes. Is it true that tiny home is from 25 to 700 square feet and small is 800 to 1000 square feet? I am not finding much information on building one of these.

  6. This is such a brilliant idea that Vancouver public officials have come up with!! I completely love the design. The build cost is awesome for one of the most expensive cities in the world…..

  7. it’s lovely actually and i like it soo much the way that they use to expand the areas there it’s sound open space and too crowded.

    i like it and write it to show some support

  8. Yet another beautiful home! And yes, it’s amazing how big it looks inside, despite the relative small dimensions. This is what I love most about these small homes, it’s the way they use the space in the most optimal ways. And the birds are very cute too 🙂

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