Beautiful Tiny Home Built To Look Like Earthen Cottage

This stunning has used techniques to give it an earthen cottage look, making it a unique hybrid between and a small .

You can find our more about this tiny home on our website:

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  1. Love his passion and creative use of materials. You can really tell how much he loved building his home! Well done, Everett!

  2. Everet is really creative great to see him try something different it works and looks really nice. $40K seems very reasonable.

  3. So beautiful! So much history in his beautiful home! He has put his heart, Soul and vision into his space! Thank you so much for sharing! Peace, light and love from Canada!

  4. Every time I watch your videos, I am blown away by how amazing the houses are and what beautiful souls the owners turn out to be. Thanks for posting Bryce!

  5. This gives me hope to be accepted amongst the pure definition of what Tiny Housing are known for all the old school peeps who’ve done their journey long ago because I’m not sure about moving around all the time. Especially after deciding at the start of this year to get out of my rental to only be given an eviction notice of 120 days without reason and then finding another place just in time. Now sorting through not only a life time, but 15 years in the one place. <3

  6. I really like this tiny house, specially because he made it with heart, I love the little details on wood, and the bathroom window, and then the little space for sleeping is so fantastic! One day I will have my own tiny house 🙂

  7. Stunning home ! Guys dont forget to protest for Tommy Robinson in Australia on Sunday. City & Time see Avi Yemimi’s channel. Don’t let your beautiful NZ & Australia become like Europe. Fight!

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