Beautiful Tiny House with Floating Staircase & Charming Interior Design – Full Tour

The tiny is parked in a stunning setting on one of the oldest peach farms in the Niagara region of , and it's set up as a place where people can come to reconnect with nature.

You can check out this tiny house on Airbnb here:

The room has a beautiful mustard yellow that converts into a futon for a guest bed, or for people who don't feel comfortable sleeping in a due to fear of heights, claustrophobia, or the barrier to accessibility caused by a .

The kitchen has an induction cooktop, a small , , microwave, a bar fridge and plenty of counter space for preparation and . It also has vintage finds everywhere you look, which immediately adds character and makes you feel at home.

The is minimalist on purpose to give guests as much space as possible. There's a regular flush toilet, a small sink, and an apartment-sized shower stall.

Between the kitchen and living room is an enamel- table with the rear legs cut off so that the table fits over the wheel well. It can be used as a space or as a work space.

The tiny house is connected to the electrical grid and uses A/C in the summer and 3 small space in Spring and Fall.

The builder of the custom tiny house in the giveaway is Modern Tiny Living:

And the charity we're raising money for is PATH:

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  1. This is a tiny house from Niagara falls and the contest from Omaze is for the US citizens only. I really wanted to participate. I wish there will be one for Canada.

  2. Wow, as someone with experience hosting on AirBnB and tiny homes, RVs and more. The comments about the stairs being a death trap are ridiculous. This women has done an incredible job, also a rip off to trade the sheep for the labour of a custom wood staircase using fully recycled materials is not a rip off. Try pricing that.

    She did a lovely job explaining the farm and her view of the home. Keep your negativity in your own home

  3. OH the good bartering system. I love it. I use my chicken eggs to barter w/the dog groomer. I trade around 30 dozen eggs for getting 2 poodles hair cuts. She likes farm fresh eggs w/o antibiotics & a little poop stuck to the eggs so she knows she’s getting it the freshest way possible & she loves it & I love getting my fur babies back smelling fresh & fluffy as one can get there dogs back from the groomer. It works for us. And plus she runs a school & she teaches her students how to cut poodle dogs hair.
    So all she has to do is show them how to trim the dogs the way I want there hair trimmed & she grades them on how they did. Plus both of my poodles have different types of hair. One is really course & one is real soft & fluffy. She students love it when I bring the dogs up for haircuts. They fight over who gets who dog. It’s quite funny watching them flip the quarter to see what dog they get. It’s a win win for everybody. Groomer gets free eggs, I get free grooming, the dogs get happy & they feel wonderful after a bath & a haircut, & the student gets either an A, B, C, D, F………grade.
    So you see my point about bartering. You all get something, it’s really the best of both worlds IMO!
    Have a wonderful day,
    Chris from Missouri

  4. Let me guess. She has a Bachelor degree in “women’s studies”. You can tell by the way she makes declarative statements that stupidly sound like questions. How the frick does one grow up living and working on any kind of farm and end up weighing nearly 400 pounds ??

  5. Sorry. I am a vintage person also and although I like pie crust stairs, the fact of no risers & no railings makes me very uh… especially if there are kids or dogs, dangerous to say the least!

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