Beautiful Train Caboose Inspired Tiny House At Portland Hotel

If your a fan of old fashioned trains and tiny houses, then this next home is sure to delight! Located right in the heart of Portland, Arthur is a 16′ (5m) - inspired that you can stay in as part of the hotel.

Arthur is no ordinary B&B tiny house however, this is a that has been built with a tremendous amount of love. The Tiny Digs team have poured so much energy into the theme of this home, even including railway antiques in it’s construction to add character. This is a tiny house that railway fans around the world will truly love!

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Tiny Digs hotel is providing a wonderful service, not only by giving tiny house enthusiasts the opportunity to try living tiny and get lots of design ideas from their tiny homes, but also by working as local advocates in the Portland tiny house movement by helping to showcase a model of living.

Tiny Digs Hotel:

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  1. Whatever happened to the tiny house that you were building? It was cool to see all of it coming together from the metal studs to the rooftop solar etc. Will we get to see that project come to completion or have you left that project behind you?

  2. My father has always loved trains, and instilled a love of them in me as well – the caboose was always my favourite part. Definitely an incentive to cross a border and a continent to spend a night or a few in that cozy house… although Dad might find it a bit too bright to sleep in 😉

  3. If it was close to my place I would love to visit and try every houses. What a brilliant idea to let people know how to live in tiny house and which one best for them. So many inspirations. But I really wish you would make a video about other house. I’m interested to the red one.

  4. Excuse me. For guys who are well endowed, is it possible to have sex in a tiny house? Or are tiny houses only for guys with tiny d…cks?

  5. As a novelty hotel room? Sure. But even then it’s way too crammed and kitschy. But at least I can make myself some organic teas and coffees. Fucking hell. Hipster rubbish. Pass.

    Actually living it in a regular, normal way? Fuck no. There’s no space.

  6. She should invite members of her local city planning and zoning boards to spend a night or two there for free, maybe help them envision tiny house living and get that ball rolling!

  7. love love love it!! the colour isn’t overwhelming at all, but warm and welcoming. Love all the little lamps and maps and hooks and what-not. Love that bathroom sink and the kitchen sink…it looks so comfy and inviting. Thank you for this great video!

  8. This story is so close to home. My father left when I was just 3 years old and looked to my big brother and grandfather to fill in the gaps of a then 70s childhood. Big brother loves trains and would sneekly play on his model train set. <3

  9. Welcome Bryce to my home area ! I’m just across the river in Vancouver. This is amazing ! I didn’t know Tiny Digs had built a new tiny house. I think this one has to be my favorite. Don’t forget there is a tiny home community in Welches Oregon in Mt. Hood area. If you haven’t been there I think you will love it ! That’s where I use to live…lol Speaking of cabooses, there is a real old red one, on the road to my house, that is being made into a tiny house. It’s going to be great I bet. I’ve always wanted to have a caboose as a guest house. Take care while you are here and enjoy yourself. My best to you and thank you for another wonderful episode of your program…..I love it !

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