Beautifully Designed Backyard Shed Tiny House – Simple Luxury Living


Precious Price is a driven entrepreneur who speaks with passion about creating a financially life doing what you love! While sitting in her large three-bedroom house, she peered out the back window and decided to put her large space to good use! After looking into container homes and other tiny structures, Precious chose a shed with a deck!

The Cove Escape is the name of her quaint tiny home. There’s a simple dining area next to a window, a dedicated office space for a laptop, and a nice view. The kitchen has an apartment-sized fridge, a microwave, and a decent sink, as she prioritized comfort cooking. A beautiful barn door separates the small bathroom with a flushing toilet, a large shower, and a small sink.

Shot by: @jonlucandjackie
Edited by: @jonlucandjackie
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  1. Yes, I have seen her before. Also back in 2009, lived in a new shed with a half loft, right out of college. Rent Free………………………………………………………………..Arkansas

  2. This is amazing 👏 🙌…can you please comment your Instagram name please, I would definitely like to fallow you 😊 😀

  3. This is my favorite Tiny home tour that I’ve seen. She’s so well spoken and knowledgeable about purchasing and starting a income property. This home set up is beautifull. I plan on following her platforms

  4. WOW!!! What a wonderful presentation of this perfect tiny house. Precious, thanks so much. So informative. Such an intelligent, articulate, charming and informed young woman! I am a Senior citizen and am wondering if anything like this tiny home could be built as a one floor unit. Also, can these be insulated enough to handle mid-western cold/hot weather?
    What kind of square footage would be comparable to this in a one floor? I love what you’ve done. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise.

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