Before You Say Tiny Houses Are TOO Expensive Consider This

LIVE w/Christian & Alexis: Are truly more affordable or are they over-hyped and over-priced? Let’s discuss! Featuring cost comparisons of a on wheels + parking, to RVs, traditional houses and median rent across the USA.

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  1. We built our tiny house for about $20,000 but costs can vary greatly from DIY to pro-built. Some say THOWs costs are getting insane. Watch for comparison to median house cost, median rent, and average RV costs. What’s reasonable to you? Please like, comment & sub if you found this video helpful. Thanks!

    • The price point is great but the durability of materials used not so much, more like a mobile home, in our opinion. California Tiny House as an incredibly well-built 18′ tiny house for $35,000, and there are others with similar price point and high-quality, durable materials.

    • Tiny House Expedition > there is that crazy/happy guy in TN. Trying to think of his name. He lets you come and even build part of your house to learn and reduce costs. He’s big on wood.

    • Tiny House Expedition > yup, that’s who I meant! And they’ve got this interesting take on the water system

  2. I want a tiny house? I’ve been saving for one? When is California where in California can we live in one? Can you live in one in the states? If so where? I’ve been asking a lot of your post but no one ever…..

  3. I think your talk is important, would be able to follow better if you are more focused?? And the laughing is a little distracting (no disrespect meant)…. I think your content is very valuable

    • +Tiny House Expedition – I just don’t seem to travel in the right circles I guess! I’m getting a little old too. With retirement creeping up on me, I’m in kind of a time pinch.

    • +2nd Grandma Milhises I’m sure you’ve made more progress than me!!! All I’ve been doing so far is taking a couple of classes, look at my 401K in dismay, and then see what I can buy as far as land, and then subtract that from what the T-house budget will be. Pretty sad, but still kind of positive in a way!

    • But, yeah – needs to be this year (and if my employer will tolerate me for one more school year, until September of 2021. It’s pretty tentative, but I’m willing to work my butt off to pay for a piece of land, grab a shell of some kind, and “fill in the blanks” to the tune of whatever I can afford! I hope you are much more on your way to your goal tham me, though!

    • Some RV parks. They are all privately owned and they can choose not to let any rv older than 10 years in. Its their park so they can make the rules. I’ve seen the cut off mostly at 15 years old.

    • +Tiny House Expedition Just curious! Wish I could see more of what’s going on this week! My time is so limited b/c of my job, but any links would be welcomed if you have time! Thanks so much!

  4. It can be waaaay cheaper than it’s being made out in this video. If you do the work yourself, buy a used but good trailer, use a lightweight simple/minimalist design, don’t buy outrageously priced appliances, or thousand dollar toilets, etc, etc. Under 10k is an easily achievable goal. Also, if you are willing to live away from city centers or fancy neighborhoods you could find a place to park for less than 150 a month. Or free if you don’t mind moving your house every few weeks. Another reason to keep the house really light is then you can haul it with almost any vehicle, no need for a big, expensive, gas guzzling truck. Point is, once you have the thing built you can live for practically free, besides the basics of life like food, clothes, maintenance, etc. Remember, always respect and be nice to your neighbors so they don’t give you trouble and so you don’t ruin the tiny house movement reputation.

    • We showcased average costs of DIY and pro-builds. Initially ours was was under $20 before a few upgrades. And we agree on parking, like we mentioned free or extra low cost parking options are available. But most folks that we’ve met in our travels are in the $200-400 range. Good point on weight. Lots of folks are now using steel framing and savings a ton of weight. If build another, we’ll definitely consider that. There are multiple tiny house builders offering lower price points for less custom tiny houses, And if you’re able to build it yourself, that’s always where the best savings are for custom tiny houses. Jay Shafer does boast a very basic, extra tiny $5,000 model. It’s charming but not suitable for all. Here’s a tour: Even the more high-end, pro-built tiny houses still are half the cost of the median home cost. Some folks can afford fancy finishes and appliances in a smaller footprint house. Good for them, I say. To each their own. Of course, fancier tinies will get more media attention, but there are still lots of fantastic low-cost examples out there– less than most RVs, houses and apartments. My two cents. 🙂 Also we 100% agree on the respectfulness point!

  5. I’m looking at a all ready made professionally built 10×34, 1 bdrm no loft, all appliances for 58k , I’m a pinch from getting except insurance ??

  6. In Europe, road rules require that tiny houses must be much lighter than what’s common in USA. I was watching video here on YouTube about a French builder who has some interesting and unique designs. All lighter than what we are used to. Can be pulled by a car!

    • Wow, that is light! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Lots of people in the US are now using steel framing to save a ton of weight, as compared to 2×4 wood framing, like what we used.

  7. Lots of people say to go ahead and buy a used trailer but I agree with the hosts here that one should buy it new. Unless it’s someone who bought one and then never used it and also didn’t leave it outside in the rain and/or snow.

  8. my trailer is a 16 ft. and cost me $4,600.00, I’m in California and the cost of materials is much higher then North Carolina, so, I waited for materials to go on sale and bought as much as I could, and then rest was used lumber. You see people say they built their house for 20k and wonder how come pro-builders charge 60k and higher…..I wonder that too. Mostly because after I figured all my receipts I think it came to under 30k for everything. But, you have to wait for the sales and plan it out so you use almost everything you buy. I’m proud to say that when I was done I had four trash bags full of very small scraps and some tin I didn’t use. Now if you were to add labor to all that, you could double the price easily. wilber.f.peebody@instagram

    • Kudos on a well-planned build! You’re so right materials cost an vary so much by location. The ability to hunt for good deals to collect materials over time can result in serious savings. It’s tricky comparing DIY and pro-build costs, unless they’re close to identical in materials, size and level of customization. $60k 16′ tiny house is less likely and would be shocking to us. But for a 24′ or 28′ custom, seems more reasonable when considering labor costs and overhead.

    • +Tiny House Expedition Although my tiny house is on a 16″ trailer, it’s actually 1.5′ over the back end and 2′ onto the tong which makes the bottom about 19.5′ and the top that hangs out, which is part of the loft area is another 3′ so my build from front to back is 22.5′ long.

  9. There are a huge amount of good reasons to build and live in a tiny house but there’s still a good list or reasons why you can’t. Most people don’t have huge yards where they can build. I did mine in my dads front yard and the only reason I can guess it didn’t get tagged or things didn’t get stolen is because it was a tiny house and nobody or not that many people get to see tiny houses on wheels except for on TV. I had at least three to five people stopping over every day to see it and talk about it and just stand in it so they could say they were in a real tiny house on wheels. My dad even suggested I sell tickets. LOL

    • Haha we can relate to that! We always got a kick out of people’s guesses about what we were building– chicken coop, BBQ cooker, horse trailer, etc. 😉

  10. I think there way overpriced you have to buy a heavy duty truck to pull the home, so start looking at the trucks then you will know there so costly! I think Skoolies are the best, you can pull a car or truck behind your home. what’s the difference there both costly when they breakdown! but you can buy a bus for less than 8 or 10 grand!

    • That’s good point. Though most people move their tiny 1-3x ever. If you’re not looking to frequently move, no need to buy your own truck. We do dig how the tow vehicle is built into a skoolie. 😉

  11. Open floor plans are not cheap.

    Those steel beams are $10,000+.

    Wood beams–if you are in a place that accepts them for your span–are 5-10,000 dollars.

    Then, you have to look into your foundation/s. Can the points of contact sustain the loads? If not, then you have to retrofit/put more pilings. So, that’s $5-15,000.

    So, yeah. That open space is cheap… _sigh_

    • Good points. We were trying to get at the cost per square foot difference between tiny houses and traditional houses. For various factors, you are able to keep this number down in a big house.

  12. For me, what is affordable would have to be the MONTHLY dollar amount. I do not have a bank roll. Im on SSDI… so….

  13. The numbers make sense …. Tiny living makes sense on all aspects for me but my challenge is where to find parking. I have done extensive research and the cheapest in my neck of the woods is $800.00 a month on a camp ground and that does not include electricity. I have stacked funds but the parking seems to be my greatest obstacle moving forward. It sure would be nice to rent a spot on someone’s huge farm and be able to lend a helping hand on Saturdays when I am not at my full time job. Lord!!! Keep me in your prayers 😂 This Tiny Living has to materialize itself before I kick the bucket SMH lol

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