Best Gooseneck Tiny House Ever?! Woman Designs Dream Home

Her 32′ gooseneck an impressive walk-in closet, thanks to an inventive layout.

Nicole also shares her insight into tiny house and how it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. That’s something she wants cities to understand when they considered allowing tiny houses on wheels as primary & accessory dwellings.

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    • How did we miss the “walk-in closet”? Where was it in the vid? Time stamp, pls?

      Watched it twice, to no avail.

    • @Major Old Lady aka, Mom Colloquial terms in a tiny house can take on new meanings.. It’s so big for Tiny House standards that we joke it’s a “walk in” (because you literally WALK into it). Truly it’s an open concept, single door, standard closet with a linen closet to the side and laundry machine that makes it feel like the whole space is dedicated to clothes 😂. Which is funny because I’m no fashionista.
      It’s not really a “bedroom” either 🤷‍♀️ but is to me 😁.

  1. Omg this is it for me! I’ve seen hundreds of tiny homes but this is perfect for me! There’s nothing I’d change except maybe add skylights. It’s brilliant & looks so cozy.

  2. Great design and artistic flare but especially love the bedroom layout! So spacious and functional and pet friendly.

  3. I am so impressed by this brilliant design! Nicole jam packed so many smart ideas into this tiny house! And her dog is adorable! 😊 I forgot to say, I also love the outside cedar accents!

  4. Ok I am shocked that someone has Obviously said that to her. I don’t see how her purchasing a place to live and living in it It skirting the system. How is that different from renting an apartment? Or a room at someone’s house. Sounds like somebody doesn’t understand or shall I say is Jealous. Oh I am sorry did I say that out loud. Nicole you have a lovely place. I love the roll a way ladder. One of the best ideas I’ve seen in a while. Have a great life you and your roomie. 👍

    • I agree with you . . No way is it “skirting”.
      i think some people are just born ungrateful and hateful; and everything out of their mouth (and mind) is negativity.

  5. Wow!! Thank you for showing us this tiny house of Nicole’s!! I have to say, brilliant design and construction! My father is a home builder, built 3 of our own houses while I was growing up, I think he put a hammer in my hand before he put a … made me love carpentry! Nicole’s builder, was it MitchCraft? I’m curious to know how much she invested in this beautiful tiny house??❤️

  6. Well done ! I love the little ideas, like the mirror in the bathroom. For me is a luxury to be able to design something exactly the way you want.

  7. _RE: Full-length Mirror at (24:34): You say this mirror is not hanging because u do not have the wall space for it.
    Suggestion: Hang the mirror on the CenterShelves at (23:10) near where u placed your left hand.
    Put some kind of an attachment Hook-n-hang system on, 1) the back of the mirror; and, 2) on the front edge of one of the CenterShelves (23:10).
    And It looks like these CenterShelves are inset juuust enough so that when u do hang the mirror, you can still slide open your Jewelry-Door.

    Small spaces are enhanced by mirrors.
    By illusion, mirrors can increase your small-sized room by a large multiple.
    The wall behind the toilet, from your shelf to your ceiling, would be a great place to fill with one super giant mirror.
    Remember, a full-length door mirror, instead of hanging it vertically, will look cool when it is hung with the mirror length turned horizontal.

    Enjoyed the tour of your home. It is Fabulous!

  8. Very well designed space. I don’t understand why you’re apologizing or explaining your choice – it’s really very smart living, and makes a huge contribution by not using more resources than you need as one individual. Great use of space.

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