BIG Beautiful TINY HOUSE with Spacious & Modern Design – Full Tour

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Check out this BC tiny house on Airbnb here:

It was built by Mint if you want to check them out here:

We loved touring this 30-foot long and 8.5-foot wide tiny house on wheels, it has a layout that we feel is very functional with a large (relatively speaking!) living room and sofa bed, 2 sitting areas that could be used as a work space and a dining table, a massive kitchen with all the mod cons including a dishwasher (that we accidentally turned on while filming), and a spacious bathroom with an extra large stall shower, space for a washer dryer combo, and to hang clothes. In addition to the sofa bed, there are two full-sized lofts, one that is accessible with a staircase and one with a ladder that tucks away when not in use.

We were impressed with all of the ventilation options in this house, it has loads of windows, a Lunos HRV system, and fans in the bathroom and above the stove. In the summer months it is mostly powered with the 17 solar panels on the roof, and in the winter it gets plugged in using an extension cord since the heat is electric and there’s no way solar could keep that going.

A special thank you to the owner of this tiny house who gave us a few hours to film this beauty 🙂

And thank you so much for watching!

Mat & Danielle



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Editing Credits:
Mat and Danielle of Alternatives

Filming Credits:
Mat of Alternatives


  1. Got that couch last wk too & greatly appreciate it’s versatility for lmtd space with the lo-pro pull-out + for the elongated section’s underside ample storage capacity🛋😍

  2. Most of the tiny houses are permanently situated with no plans to move them. In light of this I do wonder why more people don’t build them ten feet wide? In the very occasional instance where it has to be moved it’s a simple matter to get the necessary permits to hire a wide load driver to move it.

  3. 💜💜💜
    Luv Luv Luv this layout.. didn’t see a washer/dryer combo, otherwise this home is Perfect ✔➕.

  4. Calling a microwave oven a “microwave” is like calling a convection oven a “convection”. It’s just weird. Even if you don’t realise it.

  5. Lovely but I think that it would have been better to change building rules and alow smaller houses. This is massive and by European standards hardly movable. How much simpler wouldn’t construction be if you skipped trailer part. If I wanted it movable I would have chosen a smaller and lighter structure. Since you all vlogger seems to have flexible jobs you could work from anywhere, why not find your haven and stay there but with a few excursion with a van? I know I am thinking European and it will probably be a lot of negative comments on this. Anyway great vlog.

  6. Vocal tip to the presenter: If you start your sentences at a higher pitch, you won’t be stuck in a monotone at the bottom of your range.

  7. Really well designed tiny house. I am just not too sure about the second loft. Obviously its not a kids room, but then again its clear that there are not four adults living in this house. If its meant for a teenage he or she will need more privacy. So im assuming its just a guest loft which would be a huge luxury or quite a bit unnecessary since there is a sleeping couch. Whatever.

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