Big Fancy TINY HOUSE with BBQ Deck, Three Bedrooms & Every Creature Comfort

Lisa and ’s Tiny Home, “Summit”, is bright and open, with amenities and sleeping space for five!



ADDITIONAL PHOTOS: Provided by Michael Fuehrer

DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed


  1. I love everything about this house except for the ladders. I am disabled and must have wide stairs with two hand rails. Though I love the bathroom as is, I would change it to a large walk-in shower with a seat and handrails for safety. This home is definitely beautiful! I love all of the storage, too. You would have even more storage under the stairs. Thank the home owners for sharing their home with us! Where is the home for rent and how much for Fri night, Sat, Sat night, and Sunday morning?

  2. Made me think of Jewel Pearson (Ms. Gypsy Soul) in that she has high windows to let in light, and planned the house to feel like a home.

  3. This tiny house is INSANE! I have a super obsession with tiny houses, but I always said I don’t think I could live in one, but this one honestly looks so doable. The loft bed isn’t super cramped, there’s a full size kitchen with a dishwasher(!?) AND a full size bathroom with a full sized tub(!?!), AND a washer and dryer(!?!?) AND a good sized living space with a fireplace(!?!?!) AND there’s THREE bedrooms? And it’s only 400 sq feet!? I can’t even believe it. This is the dream!

  4. Glad you pursued this tour! Absolutely perfect video! She was an excellent narrator and everything was covered and viewed nicely! Great videography! I love this design!

  5. Did they happen to mention the manufacturer of the washer and dryer that they have in their bathroom? I’ve been sifting through smaller appliance choices and can’t seem to make up my mind regarding laundry.

  6. WOW This is a very nice tiny luxurious house because there is everything you need the only negative is the scale to go up in the room that is not for everyone

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