Big Freedom In This Gorgeous Tiny House

from was kind enough to put together this tour of his us. The house is a full 28′ and features tons of really neat features. I love the fact that this home has a full-sized bathtub for soaking and unwinding. Although this tiny house has been sold, can build another one like it for you.

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Located in Bellingham,

Built by Big Freedom Tiny Homes:


  1. Really nice. But no one ever addresses the mold that is going to grow under a bed directly on the floor of a house that retains moisture. There is no air exchange system and range hood and bathroom fans ate inadequate with propane and two people exhaling all night.

  2. I love it!!! The only thing I would want to add is an expandable roof; so you could stand up in the bedroom and loft area. It will stay up while stationary and come down during travel/transporting. I really, really like the regular bathroom’s toilet and tub!!! How much is this home?

  3. Gorgeous! It is so well designed and seems to have better features (like the closets) than other tiny homes.

  4. That was just beautiful ?. I loved everything about that tiny house! I’m almost convinced to retire in one.

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