Big Guy in a TINY HOUSE- Deek’s Half A-Frame Cabin “The Dart”

Having initially the original prototype for this cabin (for the sake of creating its plans) in 2015/2016 or so in North Carolina, its nice to see a few of these builds now surfacing. “The Dart” (plans linked below) is a slight visual and spatial spin on a traditional a-frame in that its basically an “A” chopped in half- but one in this case with a small loft that snuggly sleeps two and a bump out space that one could use as a closet or bathroom. Overall, as compared to many builds, its fairly affordable to build, definitely has that tiny house feel, and could make for a great hobby space (she shed or man cave), or a guest airbnb or hipcamp glamping rental for income. That said, check out Neil's take on “The Dart”- one we particularly loved as it includes some hidden floor storage, space for a woodstove, AND….. its on wheels!


PLANS for “THE DART” half a-frame cabin-


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Deek's A-Frame Cabin Plans (which you can build for UNDER $1200!)- HERE:


Tuftex (and ONDURA roofing)- the clear roofing and wall material I use in a TON of my builds-

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  1. What an amazing little cabin ! It is really impressive all the different variations of deeks designs I have seen , each one is very unique and creative. I cannot wait to build mine and hope to get it on his channel . One aspect of your build that I really liked is the ability to bolt and move your cabin . Love the deek and all the builds !

    • If you build one definitely reach out and let me know (through FB- prob the easier way to reach me)- best with all!

  2. More to come down the road. Others have built it, but I just haven’t gotten a video share or anything from ’em…. working on it. Neil did an awesome job with this one though!

  3. You know what is frustrating? A video talking about how a person built a tiny house & then not showing a full tour of it, just flashes of it! I realize you are not finished, but those of us looking for examples are disappointed by the teasers! You can still get viewers to follow you after a short tour because of our interest in Tiny Homes.

    • There isn’t much to show yet- this was to provide info for those possibly building it- so they could see more on HOW it was framed and done…. there will be a follow-up

  4. I can’t find his channel in all of your links and a search just brought up this video, not his channel.

  5. Thanks for the share. Not quite Deek but still showing off his designs.

    I definitely miss the mix of RelaxShack videos that used to be part of my regular YouTube feed

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