Bliss of resting in a bubble atop a forest canopy near Paris

When working in forestry, Stefáne Durocher used to sleep in a hammock high in the trees so when he moved with his to a home bordering the Forest of Fontainebleau (outside Paris), he decided to go even higher and build transparent tree tents for sleeping in the treetops.

Stefáne the see-through bubbles at different heights in his backyard forest. The uppermost are at 20 meters (65 feet) and can only be accessed with a harness and climbing ropes (they come with elevated toilets to minimize trips up and down).


  1. How can one know the stability of the tree after multiple climbs and body weights overtime? Nevertheless, this is good for those who don’t mind sleeping after a bit of sweat/perspiration. Maybe the lower bubble for me.

  2. Fontainebleau has had almost no rain this summer. Maybe it’s rained twice since the end of June? This must be from the spring. Everything is hot and dry as parchment at the moment 🙁

  3. Une installation hors du commun, mais honnêtement je ne vois pas ou est
    l’intérêt de se taper une montée pareil pour tenter de dormir dans une
    bulle sans trop de stabilité et qui doit être très inconfortable s’il fait chaud
    et humide. Sans compter le paquet trouble pour se soulager à une hauteur pareil
    en pleine nuit et si on rabat l’habitacle en plastique pour avoir plus d’air on
    doit avoir une belle nuit de plaisir avec les moustiques. Je comprends que c’est
    une extravagance qui peut séduire une certaine clientèle, mais ce qui ;me viens
    en tête c’est “comment faire ça simple quand on peut faire ça compliqué”.

  4. I wonder what this is like in a windstorm. Tents on the ground are bad enough during excessive wind. I can’t imagine what it would be like in the treetops. Not something I’d try at my age, but if I were younger and it was a nice calm night I might give it a go just to say I’d done it.

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