Blogger builds efficient, off-grid Passive House in Colorado

Twenty years ago bought a $60,000 shack in the mountains that “immediately fell apart” and inspired two decades of experiments in off-grid living. Today, he and his wife live in the reconfigured shack and he has turned a former shed on the property into an ultra low-consuming ().

“Passive House is an international building standard that focuses on how to reduce energy consumption in building by about 90% and they did it by physics really it wasn’t developed by builders it was developed by physicists,” explains Michler. “Everything how a building interacts with its environment, the thermal dynamics of how heat transfers through materials, the way that energy is produced in the building, how solar gains come into the building or are avoided in a building so this entire building is basically designed in a spreadsheet.”

The home is shaped in a wedge which helps with orientation and also helps avoid unnecessary surface area and heat loss. The wedge also contributes to an unconventional open plan interior which includes a hanging .

Andrew’s book “”
Passive House:


  1. I’m moving to the States, hopefully if I work hard, I can create my own place. I really got inspired to live off-grid one day.

  2. We had plywood floors sanded and polyurethane for many years ,only because we couldn’t afford the hardwood flooring now I see its becoming stylish

  3. Hate to say it, but what happens when everybody starts wanting to live in the woods. It completely defeats the purpose. People need to stop developing and use what we have, this is why I see this type of building very unsustainable and more in line with the capitalist mentality of expansion and endless development.

  4. Wonder where he lives in Colorado. My friend has a few hundred acres in Paonia/Hotchkiss and his family had quite a lot of it go up in fire in the 90s.

  5. The liveliness of your children helps to visualize the importance of family in a living space. In the videos when they explore, they show aspects of a property many adults wouldn’t see. I especially liked the net lounge and tiny cubicle. Thank you for including the children.

  6. I can’t tell you enough how much I love the seating space by the windows. Coupled with the view, it’s really one of those perfect spaces to reflect, relax and perhaps inspire alone.

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