BMX rider builds around purpose: small home, big bike ramp

Since he was a kid, had wanted a backyard , but neither his parents nor future landlords were interested, so when he finally purchased land in his first plan was to build a ramp. Unfortunately, the city told him if he built a ramp before building a house they would confiscate his land so he built a small house and a very big ramp.

Since his property is in the historic district, he was obliged to build a shotgun style home. Ooti designed his own home with a facade that has the same narrow feel of a shotgun, but the actual home is “really just two small houses stacked on top of each other”.

Having had some experience in construction while in his teens and twenties, he felt ready to act as contractor and designer on his build, but he wasn’t prepared for all the details and unexpected incidents that are involved in building a home. It took him five years, but today he owns his own home, with a bottom floor that he rents out to help pay the mortgage and with what is likely Louisiana’s largest .

Filmed by Jason Cohen:

Rent Ooti’s downstairs apartment:


  1. You did it man! You saved the child in you!! That’s what I call a successful adult.. Save the bmx-rider , save the WORLD!!

  2. Really love the size and the design of the house. It’s really my dream to build the house that way. Minus the bike ramp. Love it.

  3. I don’t think of it as Tiny. I think for a single person (with a Cat and Dog) it is a good amount of space. With a 4ft tub that is deep you can soak in it. He has got a nice back yard. Good going. Thanks for one more Innovative video.

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