Boat Builder’s Incredible 20ft Shipping Container Home

A 20ft Shipping Container could be a difficult area to with when setting up a home. Thankfully, with years of expertise constructing super-yachts and racing boats, shipwright Evans is not any stranger to working in areas and when it arrived in constructing his very own home he has executed a very magnificent job of, really actually, considering contained in the container. Find out even more about this home right here:

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  1. Wow! Imagine if you can build that onto your own barge and somehow make it
    nearly amphibious… He has really made beautiful work out of the wood.
    Great design. Another terrific video Bryce. Thank you!!!

  2. What an amazing show of not only workmanship but his love of the materials
    he’s re used…his wife would be proud. Well done mate.

  3. Wonderfully designed and crafted. It’s really evident that his heart is in
    it. This is the kind of build that keeps me dreaming up possibilities.

  4. Had to pause in the Loo for a bit of a laugh…thanks. Kiwi ingenuity at
    it’s best. Much respect for the man and the memory of lost love. Oh and the
    little deck is excellent.

  5. Love your channel Bryce! Getting so many ideas and tips from here :))))

    This guys attention to detail is amazing!
    Both the Tiny Homes that were built by boat builders are so proffesionally
    finished and a delight :)))

  6. My Wife and I have been planning on doing the same thing, Having trouble
    finding out about the actual process of shipping the container from one
    location to another seems difficult to get pricing for a private owner to
    ship a container , love this one though makes me all the more excited to
    start ours.

  7. Absolutely GORGEOUS !!! What were the other 2 containers next it?? I was
    of what I wanted to purchase and live in, once I found some acreages and
    this might
    just be what I want!!! Stick some Solar on each one, do the composting
    toilet, drill
    a well for water if there isn’t water on the land and start my build. Thank

  8. $18,000 U.S……This is more like it. Too many of these projects are WAY
    overpriced. I cannot stress too strongly, The wisdom of Simplicity…The
    luxury of Efficiency.

  9. Is he going to use the other containers on the side to put them together to
    make a larger home? That would be a good idea to be able to pre build the
    boxes and then just put 2 or 3 side by side. One could be a living room
    with TV and another for something else.

  10. this by far is the best building idea for shipping containers I’ve seen!! I
    absolutely love the idea of keeping the exterior intact but offering
    windows within the door opening. By any chance did you get any information
    on how he went about getting the large glass panels fitted for this
    container type. I’m in the drawing/layout planning process myself as I’ve
    completely fallen in love with this.

  11. very nice…i am currently living in and building a steel framed box i
    mounted on a 20 ft equiptment trailer with mostly glass walls…What are
    the glass panels he is using and how were the removed….thanks John from
    miami fl

  12. This is what I’m saving for. My family and my husband thinks living in a
    container is silly. But for living in a container as a home is ART!!

  13. This home is amazing!! Ship it and expandable? wow. the design also feels
    good and pleasant to live in. wow. so, can I store it in a parking space
    and have free rent?:-)

  14. Wow! what a great concept! Truly the man is a visionary with a lot of
    talent… Thank you for sharing your find, always a fantastic vid!

  15. This is a brilliant idea! Wonderful space planning and attention to detail.
    This looks liveable and the fact you can ship this is a bank-able idea. I
    want an update once he has other prototypes or if he lives in it for a few

  16. interesting I would to see the completed version at some point. with the
    addition he intends to add be able to collapse so it can still be shipped?
    and lived your face and reaction to the bathroom walls!!

  17. I like the house but I’m confused as too where the bathroom was in the
    house. was there like a door on the other side?

  18. And with so many shipping containers available world wide this idea could
    be used in areas with a large homeless population…very nice.

  19. Curious to know how he hooks up the water drains for his shower, sinks and
    washing machine? Is there some separate sealable exterior panel that has
    the drain hookups near the bottom of the container? Very cool..I love the
    use of the boat design elements.

  20. I was really expecting shipping containers to be more expensive due to its
    popularity now. I searched ebay and they go from $1500 – $2500 generally.
    That is for 20′. Not sure how much money shipping is lol.

  21. WOW! Frigg’n AMAZING Evans! Congrats mate. I’m hugely envious too BTW. 🙂
    Thanks for sourcing and sharing Bryce … this is a WINNER of note!
    A part of me, loves all the HIPPY ones loaded / laden with nostalgia …
    but simply unrealistic for most, yet this one definitely has TIMELESS
    appeal … and caters for ALL ages & passions too!
    I’d love 2 of these … 1 @ a secluded, remote. wild Seaside spot …
    either on the Transkei Wild Coast or Kosi Bay (KwaZULU Natal), and another
    parked off @ Umfolozi Game Reserve. 🙂
    ~Durban ~ South Africa~ xox

  22. I can’t believe what he did with 20ft of space, and that bathroom is
    incredible (all funny business aside) for such a small space. Just when I
    thought the possibilities couldn’t get better in a small space along comes
    this guy. To sum up in one word. STUNNING!

  23. how does the big glass sliding door affect it being a shipping container?
    or is the shipping container chosen meant to have the side openings?

  24. That isn’t correct on still being able to ship… once you open the sides
    like he did they will not ship it. i just tried to ship one from here in
    California to Alaska and it was a big no. so i had to put it on a smaller
    barge and ship as a single container unit that wasn’t able to stack on top
    or below. which was a lot more cost

  25. WOW, I have ben impressed with Paul Chambers success over the years, but
    this is impressive as well and if cost is truly correct ($ 18,000.00) well
    in budget for many. The biggest advantage is your skills, so may want to
    send a book out on your design, it would help you and many future container
    homes/families.Take care and keep up the good work.

  26. Outstanding, Bryce! Thank you for mining out these incredible gems that
    break the mold of the average tiny house build. Your skills are amazing, as
    always, mate! All the best! (c:

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