Box Truck Conversion Film Announcement (“The Re-Use Tiny House”)

Alex Eaves (director of “Re-Use: Because You Can’t Recycle The Planet”) and Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (HGTV’s “Tiny Builders”, and writer of “Microshelters”) group up in direction of a movie structured round re-use on the planet of constructing/different dwellings. In this venture, they are going chronicle their work on a mobile schooling/movie screening car (an -of-service container truck)- one additionally outfitted as tiny house.
The movie, if funded, plans on following them on this journey and displaying/instructing viewers alongside the way when it comes their and re-use approach- one thing lots different movies and exhibits DO NOT do.


  1. Smaller tablets etc dont show in video links. Put a link to the funding
    page in the narrative below the video.

  2. I’m sooo totally jealous!!!!!!! If I could give you the ideas in my head…
    WOW!! That would be crazy!!!!!

  3. that is a totally awesome idea. i carnt wait to see how it turns out. i
    have a few ideas if you guys are interested in hearing them.

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