Box truck therapy! His tiny home & workshop on wheels (built from trailer up)

Paul built a custom from scratch to be his tiny home wheels. His goal is to travel the country, with an extensive collection of tools, to find a place with friendly like-minded people. He calls his lifestyle “box therapy.” Oh, and he has a jacuzzi!



Jenna Kausal

Matt Alexander

Mark Dexter

Marcia Trader



0:00 Intro
0:57 Why Paul chose a box truck for his home
1:35 Priorities in the build out
2:28 Motivation to live nomadically
3:05 About the box truck
3:47 Jacks and system
4:15 Construction of the box truck
4:53 Storage and windows
5:35 Time to go !
5:47 Sleeping area and bathroom
6:53 Cabinets and
7:26 Jacuzzi tub
9:02 Kitchen and space
11:32 One life to live…
12:10 Outro

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  1. This guys is a nut but I’m mean it in a fun good way…
    He has a lot of money into this build it may not look like it to some people but there’s a lot of extras that went into the build even auto Jack’s to jack up the whole truck. The big tool box are name brand and not cheap. They’re actually expensive plus the drawers are full of tools.
    Being a women I would want my place to be pretty in a more girly way but for a lot of men this would be their dream home.

    This guy’s seems to be very happy with his tiny home and that’s what it’s all about. To building a home that’s made custom for you, built to perfection for your needs and wants. Even if things don’t look fancy and you have a ladder hanging from your ceiling. You may even have some duct tape, zip ties and/or tie wire holding some things together but it’s still perfection to you and that’s what building it your way is all about.

    This is the ultimate live in Bugout Vehicle for men. I bet this guy is the envy of all his man firends.This guy’s tiny home is perfectly matched to his personality, they just go well together.

    I wish this guy all the best….

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