Brilliant DIY Tiny House Makes Space For Some Huge Adventures!

One of the best parts of living in a isn't just the house itself, but also all of the things that the home enables you to do in life once you're living with a smaller footprint and less debt. For Matt, the decision to build himself a has enabled him to look forward to some huge life adventures!

Matt's tiny house is beautifully built. It's do-it-yourself has resulted in a wonderful home, for a wonderfully modest budget. This gives Matt not only a comfortable place to live, but also additional and freedom to get out into the world and do the things that he loves.

We hope you enjoy the full tour of this stunning !

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  1. There’s always something truly special about a DIY tiny house. I love to see the spaces that people craft for themselves to live in and all the unique character they fill their homes with. We hope you enjoy this weeks episode! With love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. I loved what he did with the bathroom sink.
    Such a natural extension to the trailer.
    The only thing I’d change, is to cover all the cracks between the ply wood with acrylic and then paint the walls with Earth tone colors.
    The look of the wooden ceiling would just pop out.
    PS: readers must know that they can only use food safe epoxies on counter tops and places where food touches.
    Most epoxies are not safe. The types that are sprayed on the internals of a can (like coke, soups,..), are a great choice.
    I hope our host knows that.
    To fix this, he can sand the current surface to roughen them up, then apply the food-safe epoxy in consecutive layers (up to 7 layers), as soon as the previous layer gets tacky.

  3. Right from the beginning of the video, I was stuck on the board and what was that filled with. The intentions and goals, the feeling of the home, everything is so inspiring. His idea of life is beautiful. Good Luck Matt!!

  4. I’m loving seeing all these nz homes, and really getting a sense of the typical do it yourself kiwi attitude. I love how simple and practicle it is, and how every thing is well thought through and explained. What a sweetie

  5. This was such a wonderful episode. I have been bingewatching this very video for like an hour now. I think the content is very special in so many ways. Thank you for sharing with us.

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