Builder’s Incredible Fire Resistant, Off-Grid, Passive Tiny House On Wheels

This incredible on wheels has been specially engineered to help make it resistant to forest fires. It’s really effective, it’s really easy to use, and the price is great. Check it out here:

With wildfires becoming an every more frequent occurrence, it’s important for us to start thinking about fire resistance when designing our homes. The has been a great opportunity for innovation and experimentation.

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Tom’s tiny house is located in Kinglake, just outside of Melbourne, Australia. In 2009, Kinglake was engulfed by some of the worst forest fires in Australian history, claiming the lives of 180 people and a tremendous amount of damage to property. The land where his tiny house is parked is still scared from the flames of those tragic fires.

Inspired to find better solutions for building, Tom has explored various ways of making his incredible , solar resistant to fires. This includes design elements as well as clever material choices.

Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Camera: Bryce Langston & Rasa Pescud
Editing: Rasa Pescud

Additional footage filmed by Daniel Fabbri and Tom Vogel.

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  1. Coming from an industrial area, I like the industrial look of this house: The black and red, the chains and pipes, etc.
    Also, the hot water system is an absolute joy! Simplicity at it’s best 🙂

  2. This man needs to come to Paradise, California and show his technique to the people here that want to live in the forests here. We’ve had, as the world knows, devastating wildfires past few years. It might not survive all the fires high heat(1000’s of degrees) but it might give some people a fighting chance depending on where they and their property are. Hats off to this man’s ingenuity and talent!

  3. This is completely revolutionary! From the fire resistant design to the brilliant hot water heater! I have never seen a tiny house like this before and I have to say that the design both inside and out is completely mind blowing! These practices for fire resistance I believe should be applied to more houses, whether they be tiny or full sized. Tom should be exceedingly proud of this build! He is a true genius to have thought of all these safety measures and to have still kept the house a perfect balance of functional and stylish. Fantastic work Tom!

  4. Ingenious!! You can tell he has put alot of thought into design, practical use of space according to his needs and desires! I thought it would be really dark insigde and have a “heavier” feel to it from the way it looks on the outside,( I do like it though!) so I was pleasantly surprised at how cherry and bright it was! Really unique!! Thank you both for sharing with us!! Peace to All of Us!!;)

  5. White Australians stole Australia. Where’s the karma. Mother earth/The land is concious.its angry. You build your homes on this earth in your forgetfulness. It feels and remembers even if humans have a tendency to forget/ignore…This land belongs to the aboriginal people and they’re marginalised on their own home/land…how do you think that feels like?..when in life you hurt someone what needs to happen is one needs to FEEL remorse and ask for forgiveness and put things right…there’s much forgiveness work that needs to take place collectively in Australia by the white man.

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