Building a Secret $300 Tree House in Swamp (w/Tiny House Builder)

LOTS of TINY HOUSE links/Resources BELOW….



Deek designed tiny house “community” shirts-

RENT this Tiny transforming a-frame


  1. Love the thought of it. I’d love to build something similar on my property. But would like mine to close up a bit more for bug reasons. Would be cool to put hammock hooks in it some how.

    • relaxshacksDOTcom I’m glad to know that it’s bigger than it looks. A wonderful view and private. Love your videos. Thanks

    • LOVE that band- I wear this shirt TOO frequently in videos- and well, in general. Check out their second album “Union”- even better. Saw ’em live about two years ago on a mini comeback tour- tightest band I’ve ever seen!

    • You must have special blood….. 😉 No, they fly in the realm of 25 feet and lower usually, so that makes sense. Being somewhere (this tree house) with a steady open breeze helps….. again though, as mentioned, we plan on adding screening. Thanks for checking it out!

    • relaxshacksDOTcom, I’ve been following your stuff for a while. What I’d like to do is quit my job as an exhibit designer and design tiny houses…

  2. We got a magnetic closure screen meant for garage doors in our cabin cheaper than I could have bought the screen.

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