Building a Tiny House on Wheels! The Whole Build From Start To Finish

Building our on wheels together with the team from in Tennessee was an amazing experience. To find out more information, including the cost and details on the products we used visit our website:

We were rushing to get the home complete so we could be on the road for some tiny house festivals around America and so the entire build was done from start to finish in only 21 days!

Tiny House Chattanooga ( were amazing. Not only did the team pull together to get the home finished to an amazingly high standard, they also allowed me to get stuck into the build with them and I was able to learn an incredible amount about in the process.

The home was constructed on a trailer from Tiny House Foundations (

in a Tiny House’ © 2017 Zyia Pictures Ltd


  1. Congratulations sir!!!!! glad to hear you built w/help there’s no shame in that if I had a hat I would take it off looks wonderful!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. oh my that is really awesome I loved seeing little bits of all the houses that you toured for this channel ……. its a great design and looks amazing…..kudos to TH Chattanooga for their contribution they did such a good job. Cant wait for a vlogs around your own TH experiences. 🙂

  3. Awesum Bryce, and Mike and the team. Look forward to seeing life on the road⭐hope theres no face frames in the joinery, lol. I’ll never get it

  4. Huge THANK U for doing such an open, honest, easy to understand vid! Makes me soooo hopeful that one day I’ll have my own THoW like this. Just me, my little terrier and traversing Australia!

  5. Fantastic and a wonderful use of space. Love the bathroom and loo as one enters the tiny…and then through to the kitchen area. The ONLY thing I would change for personal reasons is that I’d ask for the bed area to be able to be a couch/table area which would change into a bed so that I could have both options available. People want to pop in then we can chill in that area and not just have to sit on the bed…but as mentioned, that is just a personal preference. Awesome tiny indeed. Beautifully built with professional people who know what constitutes a good tiny.

  6. i m so happy for you ! you gona right this date in history ! It majkes me happy too. so countinue to makes videos ! please . you are a professional of videos ! I like your work ! kissees

  7. I think it’s a neat build but i wish you had spray foam insulation. If you intend on taking this into northern Canada and through the northern US States and it happens to be winter, i fear you will have a difficult time heating that. It doesn’t look like that much R-value in your walls/roof.

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