“Built Suzy Tough” One woman’s UNDER BUDGET Tiny House Story

Suzy Beckwith is certainly an inspiration (as you’ll see). She and designed her tiny house on wheels, AND came in under budget. While she hadd saved and planned to spend $20k on everything- trailer to materials to decor- she clocked in with spendings of only $17,000. Further impressive, Suzy her home in only 38 days- which is no small feat for any seasoned carpenter, let alone a DIY novice. Her story is great, her place oozes with character, and she’s proof that a little hustle and elbow grease will get you everywhere. Congrats Suzy. (This clip was filmed at the ever- Tiny House Festival in St. Augustine, Florida in November of 2018).

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  1. I am reading Micro Living on e-book. I read your other book at least three times. This lady is cute/intelligent, beautiful creative home. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for welcoming folks in your home Suzie. The DIY lower budget videos like this are my favorite because they inspire me that most folks could do this. Your construction looks great.

    • Start the new year right with a resolution to remember to be kind to others. There is no reason to publicly bash someone for having objects around that bring them joy.

    • It appears to be on a 16 foot (5m) trailer. The view from the door at 1:00 clearly shows the layout. The bathroom is across the end near the hitch (the “front”?). In the middle is the kitchen on one side and the interesting stairs on the other. In the back, by the entrance door, is the couch and a small dining table. A very standard layout. The funky decor is very much in keeping with Deek’s artistic style. I like it too.

  3. So impressed she came in under budget and only 38 days!
    Totally cute and functional home that reflects her personality. Congrats, Suzy!

  4. A little cluttered, but hey, she actually lives in it. Love the different materials and the counter top In the kitchen is amazing!

  5. Great gal, neat house. The stairs may have been a mistake, but they look good, and appear to be more functional than a straight set. She did a great job.

  6. I think this tiny home so cute and she did it all under budget, Suzy did a great Job… I read some comments about the clutter as they said. I say its lived in, most of the tiny home I’ve seen, the people don’t live in them year round. so of course their tiny home looks perfect they don’t live in them permanently. I bet the people that made the comments dont live tiny and have no clue what its like to live in a very small space. if u have nothing nice to say then don’t say nothing. Beside its this ladys home she can put what she wants in it. who’s to say what she can or can’t do in her own home. I like the fact her home isn’t staged and fake people acting like they really live in their tiny home. Suzy is the real deal and her home is lived in… Suzy you go girl, GREAT JOB ?

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