Bunkie prefab cabin uses joinery & assembly of furniture design

Furniture designer wanted to create a that could be built like a piece of furniture. Architectural designer Nathan Buhler had a design for a “” (the name for a small sleeping cabin in part of Ontario, ) that was radical in its use of all glass for two of the walls.

Bare came up with a plan to use joinery techniques he’d developed for furniture design to create a flat-pack, whose CNC-cut plywood pieces can be assembled with simple tools and practical step-by-step instructions. The Bunkie Company cabins can be put together by anyone with some construction experience, though Bare says most clients prefer the turn-key option.



  1. Beautiful build and craftsmanship. Pity about the price. CA$29,500 for the basic model, which I imagine that doesn’t include the cost of the assembly.

  2. So many of the same sorts of “cabin”. The market is so niche that they all tend to cater to the high end and cost a lot. What surprises me is that none of these that I’ve seen create these to be divided up, like a specialized bedroom module, a kitchen module, a bathroom module. I think most of laws only focus on single structures, and they don’t seem to have laws about how many of small structures you can have. You may need separation space in some cases. Can someone speak to this. It would be annoying to have to leave your bedroom unit to go cook or use the bathroom, but if the savings and hassle are considerable I think some people would be OK with it. Is anyone doing that?

  3. These are so cozy. The attention to detail is beautiful. My favorite parts are the large windows and the sense of solidity–it seems quite strong and stable.

  4. I love the prefab technique in designing these spaces, but I have been trying to wrap my mind around what it must feel to live in such a tiny space. I don’t think I could do it. I understand downsizing, and only living with the essentials, but I think you can still have that, but with a much bigger space. This space is ridiculously small. I have seen many tiny spaces that seems livable, but this space is insane. Most of these tiny spaces are still pretty expensive which defeats the whole purpose in my opinion. If that’s your thing, then by all means have fun, but I think I would feel much more free in my mind, and body without living in a sardine can.

  5. This is a really strong design.
    It does follow the way modern furniture is made. I worked at one of the largest furniture manufacturing plants in the US for about 8 years.

  6. Me gusta el método de armarlas, una pena lo de las tuberías y lo incomodo de moverse cuando la cama está abierta. Las sillas me encantaron!!!!

  7. You don’t need plumbing to put in a kitchen if you make it an RV style kitchen using a water jug for drinking water
    with a 12 v water pump and and jug for grey water.
    You could even put in a bathroom using a composting toilet.

  8. Happened upon this,noting with some interest the similarity to my Chinese K’ang and K’ang chi furniture joins made with using no nails copies from historic original. Thank you. Nice work and design.

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