Buy This Tiny House Built For Family Life

Colleen had the folks from build this tiny house for her but her plans changed, so now it’s patiently sitting in San Jose, California waiting for someone to buy it. Thanks Colleen for the tour and thank you for watching. See link below for listing with more details. Enjoy!

For sale here:

Tiny houses listed for sale and rent daily:


  1. Worst use of space n for 70,000 wtf cheap everything cheap finishing touches n hardware through out whole thing worst tiny house ever

  2. Just chiming in with opinion, nice to have two private spaces and the Goose neck room is great for the height, luv that feature among with the pocket doors for privacy. The remainder of the home appears “choppy” with the “dead” space, it’s just not a cozy flow. For the right price this might work but wow $70k, no wow finishes just standard “unfinished” appearance. I’m no expert, just watching tinys for the past 18 months and comparing this to other custom homes in this price range and sorry to say I would’ve guessed it in the $35-45k range. But I don’t know, just sharing my thoughts. Thanks for showing your home and decent quality video.

  3. Love that gooseneck bedroom over the hitch. But I can’t tell how big it is. What are the dimensions? Would a full size, queensize bed fit?

  4. Personally speaking, I don’t like that there’s so much storage, but no thought was put into having somewhat of a common living area. That being said, knowing me, if I were to buy this, which I won’t, I’d make that “Master bedroom” into the common living area, because I don’t have kids.

  5. For the price of this tiny box a person could have a small home and land too, a much better investment. I mean, what’s the point?

  6. Deion Sanders tiny house is so adorable but it’s more like a modern-day home I don’t think its mobile but it’s nice none the less 550 square feet of tiny house sounds like a regular home to me

  7. Need a better video – next time please have someone else hold the camera while you give the tour, so the house can be seen in it’s true context. Thanks.

  8. Too big for an old lady like me, but I LOVE the standing lofts! I’d want a double sink, too…for a drainer in the other side.

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