CA automated container home on a budget obeys voice commands

As co-founder of Oakland’s shipping container live/ commune, which we dubbed “Containertopia” in 2014, has been pushing the limits of container living for years. For his most recent experiment, he attached an and a relay to his ever-evolving “Boxouse” and with voice automation (specifically Amazon Alexa), he created a very affordable “smart ”. By investing in a window coating, he can even “tell” the windows to go opaque or translucent.

He admits that these hacks aren’t life-changing, but they hint at a more-connected future where windows could incrementally adjust to a changing day, lights could track our motion through a space or could shift with our location.

“These are that you can individual devices to do,” explains Iseman. “What’s cool for me is it’s, especially with a tiny house, when you stop worrying about the cost per square foot, when you think about it as, ‘oh, this isn’t that big of a house, if I want 3 or 4 smart systems I might as well just spend the 20-40 hours to learn how to glue these together with open sourced things’. I mean it’s basically a container-based smart cabin.”



  1. Can you put a link for those shade windows? What is the brand name? I saw a window display for Halloween at a Dentist Office. I wonder if they used the same kind of window?

  2. This is a good accessibility option for people with disabilities. Have you posted the open source code online? and the list of parts required?

  3. GENIUS! What are the film he used for the windows called? I have no curtains and have postponed buying them for a year now and this would be a great solution. 🙂

  4. Looking past the “wow factor” I see this technology benefiting people with disabilities. This would enhance and grow independence for someone in a wheelchair. Awesome and innovative ideas. 🙂

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  6. I’d rather have manual controls …all of this integration makes the system far too vulnerable to total total failure…I’m guessing he used Linux to program the Raspberry Pi 3…this is of course open to be hacked

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