Can a family of 5 find home where they park their campervan?

When Dan and Marlene started traveling with their Tab teardrop trailer they never expected it to become a -time lifestyle for their now family of five. They began life on the road after their first child was born when they put their up for rent and bought an .

Once the children were of school age they began homeschooling- at first through a charter program with their CA school district- and later they began creating their own curriculum using the national park service as their outdoor classroom.

When they grew tired of the hassle of towing, they traded in their Airstream for a 4-wheel-drive truck camper. Several years later when embarking on a European , they traded in the truck for an empty Sprinter van which they renovated into a home during 30 days parked in front of Marlene’s parents’ home.

Dan and Marlene say they’ll continue living like this as long as everyone, included, are on board and they don’t feel fixed to traveling as an integral part of their identity. “People say we’re minimalists or we’re van lifers or we’re overlanders. There are all of these different labels for different things. We don’t think of ourselves as anybody else but just a family that wants to be together and wants to go see places.”


  1. Thought at first poor things but learned how intellectually competent parents were choosing an alternative learning experience for their three children… Everyday was an adventure of learning with family at its core and seemed like the best possible childhood afforded their three children… Bravo!

  2. What a great family…these kids will remember their epic family travels and adventures, top parenting living life to the max, beats going to work making money to keep up with the Jonesses and neglecting the children, well done folks❤

  3. I have seen many kids in the foster care system and abandoned by their parents so just remember that kids don’t care where they live. They care that their parents R in their lives………P.S. and be careful with the cat as I watch a regualr Youtube channel of another permanent traveller without kids and they watched their cat like a hawk but one day it got out without them realizing. If the cat needs a break from the kids but it is an inside cat look at winding and inch down on a window in the front cabin and locking the cat in their from time to time when parked to give it a break. Just makes sure it is not too hot otherwise U will have adead cat…….and put a small bowl of water on the floor of the car cabin.

  4. Wow 🙂 so inspiring! And making enough money to support all this is a blessing! Beautiful family- good job- all of you! Thank you!!

  5. I’m totally jealous. I wish my parents had been neglectful enough to pull me out of school for an extended vacation.

  6. so basically you got your kids living in a pop up toaster and you ride around looking for a new place to shit everyday. Its your dream not theirs. it may seem like your showing them the world but I feel like your missing the forest for the trees. missing out on the real world and real life.

  7. Awesome. I watched these guys a few years ago when they had the Ford truck and camper. Its gotta be tough to pull that life off. Most folks are trying to finish their 20 or 30 years at a job to get that pension…then hit the road. Making an income on the road is not something most can do or are willing to risk. Of course it always helps if you come from a wealthy family or receive a monthly stipend of some type. Either way….its inspiring to see them succeed. The best part is when the kids get older and investigate that traditional high school experience (if they do at all) this family can easily stop traveling and move into a 400sf condo and live like kings!!! They already make a van work lol.

  8. Fantastic documentary. What a great way to raise your kids; seeing the world and experiencing life first hand, not from textbooks. Very admirable and impressive. Thanks.

  9. These are the types of kids that grow up anf fearlessly adventure out into the world-vacation in China, work in Amsterdam…or anywhere they feel like going.

  10. Spending more time with your kids is a good goal but it has its practical downsides. Sexless marriage ? Hard to get any sex with three kids around I guess. Living on the road full time with kids takes a big toll on the couple’s moments of intimacy and personal space.

  11. So much better than just reading about these places!! These kids are getting a REAL education! Love God’s creation of this beautiful planet we call home…everyone’s home!! Great video.

  12. I moved around frequently as a kid. Made friends at each location only to leave these friends behind time & time again. Heartbreaking. I yearned for stability. Staying in one place. As an adult, I have remained in the same area for 46 years. I’m much happier now. More grounded. But forming adult friendships has been a challenge since, in my childhood, I was closest friends with my 3 siblings who now have their own families miles away. . I think moving to so many places as a child has been detrimental as a whole and negatively impacted much of my life. I purposefully raised our children in one location and they are so happy and connected. They have lifelong friends. I wish my father hadn’t moved so frequently. Yes, I can be comfortable in new situations, but moving frequently all over the country was not a good thing for me.

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