Can A Tiny House Really Be Powered By Solar?

Specifically, the solar setup. The Kodiak Inergy battery we have has been working , but it has some limitations. important, it can only handle 600 watts of input at a time. That's perfect for many setups, but my ol' man wants to expend his solar array by adding more solar that allow for quicker charger of the batteries and also running the split unit that will keep him nice and cool in the summer.

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  1. Just remember, to get more sunlight to those panels, you gotta get out there and start hacking more trees down. (proven fact)

    • True! One of a zillion projects out there. Right now he’s getting good sun for several hours per day, but not enough. We have identified about 10 big pesky pines that’ll make a huge difference.

  2. I’m considering running air conditioning off of solar, I’m curious if you know what the insulation values are in his walls, floor and ceiling?

    • It’s not that hard in a tiny house and if you have a very efficient mini split. Ceiling is something like R30 and walls are R20. It can be mid day and 90 degrees outside and still 75 degrees in the house.

    • I may be wrong, but I am finding that mini splits might not be the most efficient way to go. If you have the ability, a wall unit seems like it might be a more efficient option than a mini split.

  3. I’m currently running two 100 watt renogy panels. Four 6v 230 amp hour golf cart batteries. I’m able to keep a 7 cu/ft chest freezer, lights, fans and gadgets with a little power to spare.

  4. For those interested in solar. The inverter changes DC power to AC power. In the video he seems to change what he says a few times so I thought I would make that clear.

  5. Thank you you have an adorable soul and you are very intelligent when I’m building my tiny house I might ask you for advice I hope you answer.

  6. Love it – and love your idea to explain all components of solar in a video series. Looking forward to watching them.

    • Thanks! Yes, this is my channel and I’m the owner of Tiny House Listings. LOTS of videos coming up! I really appreciate the kudos 🙂

  7. We had issues with the Kodiak and the large battery bank. But we could never quite put our finger on it. We love the Kodiak! But it has limitations for our setup so we’re using it for a cabin in the back to power a small fridge, lights and charge our small devices.

  8. Tiny House Listings
    Yes, by itself it works great. For a better system you need a complete system. Separate batteries, separate charge controller, seperate inverter, separate panels.
    I wired mine to 24v. System. This way you can put more panels up and not have to buy a bigger charge controller. My next upgrade will be using a combiner box.

  9. when the batteries are connected in parallel, you can take better ones by connecting to different batteries. minus from the first plus from the last.

  10. Why are you upgrading from the Kodiak unit already? This installation (the Kodiak) is quite recent if I am not mistaken.

  11. Hey Steven, Thanks for that follow up on the Kodiak. It is a great piece of equipment, I just wish they made it with a larger capacity.

    Thanks also for all of the videos and for being such a great spokesperson for tiny house living. I have chosen a few tiny living options in the past ten years, but I am just getting ready to build my first THOW. You definitely have helped me understand a lot more.

  12. for those tip videos . I’d love to watch one on the best trucks to pull tiny homes with.and the best trailers and the company for those trailers. hope you see this. thanks

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