Caravan Converted To Stunning Tiny House For Only $1000!

When natural builder Corwin Mandel received an eviction notice, he knew it was perfect time to get started building his own tiny house. With limited finance though, he set about using to turn an old caravan he had purchased into an artistic and cosy small home on . Amazingly, he was able to carry the whole project for only $1000!

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  1. That fridge which doubles as a seat is adorable and genius!! The whole design is brilliant and shows his artistic skill. What he said about curved edges creating a safe environment is very interesting too, it looks so peaceful! Awesome video. 🙂

  2. Another great design! For some reason, these videos always calm me down. Maybe it’s because it’s so different from the busy big city live that we engage in on a daily basis? Anyway, it’s a remarkable feat that Bryce manages to have such a rapid upload schedule and still manage such a high level of quality! I can’t wait for future uploads!

  3. did me say how the house is heated? I didn’t see a stove or anything, and having gone to college in Boulder, I know that he definitely needs one!

  4. I’m at a weird point where I’m going to get evicted in 2.5 months. I have a project submission date a week before, and I need to get a job quickly after to be able to afford to pay rent. I wish I knew how to do this type of thing (and have a car and a driving license so I could tow it). Where I live now has a drive, if a narrow one, so I could technically built something on it, but I am in a city (all be it a small one). The thought of building one for however much i have available (which obviously ain’t loads if my money is going to be running out in a five months), finding somewhere to put it that is accessible for me someone who doesn’t drive to where-ever i need to be, exhausting any security of having a month or twos rent from doing so left and getting that project submission thing sorted seems a bit excessive! But, if one could really do it for a grand, and within ten days with the help of some friends… Although buying a trailer or old caravan might screw that up a bit…. I don’t really know people with these kind of skills to learn from/utilise :

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