My Tiny House Compound Tour

June 8, 2019 john 37 8701 14:15

Back in 2013, I purchase a few acres of land in Eastern, North Carolin about 30 miles west of Wilmington. The idea was to have a retreat for my friends, family and guests along with myself to get away from society for awhile and to enjoy solitude and rest. I finally decided it was time…

Father And Son Team Up To Build Tiny Houses

June 1, 2019 john 20 27076 04:42

For sale here: Recently I had the chance to meet Chip, a plumber that lives in Oak Island, North Carolina. He recently decided to team up with his son to start building tiny houses. His son wants to start a tiny house building business so they went ahead and built their first one. And…

Dual-Lofted Tiny House Built For A Small Family

April 14, 2019 john 28 12852 06:21

For sale here: “Beautiful 24’ tiny with 2 lofts that are cantilevered making the top length 30’. It has a large shower and flush toilet. Tiny is set up with standard RV hookups but could be converted to off grid with a couple changes.” Tiny house for sale in Mesa, Arizona: Tiny House…

Touring $3.5 Million TINY HOUSES On Wheels! | Tiny House Tour

April 14, 2019 john 11 576 10:09

Ever wanted to build a tiny home? Here’s some tiny house ideas! Lets go on a tour at these amazing tiny homes on wheels. We’ll take a look at some of the most expensive tiny houses to see what tiny house living is really like. A small house like this might look tiny on the…

We’re MOVING into an RV! House Swap for 24 hours in TINY HOUSE!

April 10, 2019 john 0 783552 18:44

Our House is TOO big! TIME to move aGAIN! We are going to live in an RV for 24 hours..will we survive? Welcome to The Ohana Adventure, we post EVERYDAY! We are a crazy family of 8 from Hawaii; we believe in doing hard things, spontaneous adventures, laughing together, & trying new things and adventures…

Tiny House With Ingenious Pulley System

April 8, 2019 john 21 22848 05:29

This very special tiny house has become the home for a lovely mother and her three children. Throughout the planning stages, there’s been huge levels of excitement to see the house progress from plans to a finished home. The whole journey for our client has not only been documented by our images and video tour,…

Minimalist Tiny House In Tiny Home Community

April 7, 2019 john 30 35772 02:54

For sale here: This tiny house has a curved roof and no loft which makes it lightweight and easy to go. Oh, and downstairs sleeping. For sale in Isleton, California: Follow us on:

Dream Tiny House Built For Traveling Photographer

April 4, 2019 john 24 37557 12:32

The Noyer tiny house was built in Quebec for a traveling photographer in California that will renting it out on Airbnb when she is not at home. Make money on your home while traveling…smart thinking. Tiny houses for sale at Tiny houses for sale in your inbox: For more info on the…

Tiny House With Net Loft For Young Couple

April 1, 2019 john 20 3634392 03:09

“Designed to fit into a tight spot in a suburban location, this tiny house even has a detachable drawbar to save on space outside the tiny house. Being young and fit these clients chose to forgo the comfort of a staircase for a vertical ladder fixed to the wall – a super space saving solution.…