500-Square-Feet Small House with a Loft

October 20, 2014 john 364 755

This loft house by SmallWorks Studios packs everything you could possibly need into 500-square-feet of living space. And it even has a garage and upstairs balcony. Full post: http://www.tinyhousetalk.com/500-sf-small-house/ SmallWorks Studios: http://www.smallworks.ca Couple who built their own: http://buildsmall.blogspot.com

Cheap tiny house- off grid cabin – shtf – bug out shelter – free living

October 20, 2014 john 32 313

Part 2 of the insulated metal houses I have been showing on YouTube. This is only $6,000! Located in SW Oklahoma they are super energy efficient. They make similar structures all over the country so anyone can get something similar. It’s an affordable option for anyone looking to be self sufficient in a sturdy insulated…

Modern hobbit house: a tiny cob home

October 20, 2014 john 60 38

Margaret Krome-Lukens shows us the cob home being built by interns at North Carolina’s Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute. Since iher new home is less than 150 square feet, she talks about the joy of giving up stuff to move in.

Tiny house for under $5000

October 20, 2014 john 43 838

Tiny house build from Aug. 2012 to Aug 2013, I did this all by myself, while working part-time. This tiny house only cost me $5000, I reused lots of things and found free stuff from craigslist. We are a family of 4, soon to be 5 and are living in a tiny house with kids.…

Mortgage-free, tiny home on a housekeeper’s salary

October 19, 2014 john 0 42

Johnny Sanphillippo has never made more than $20,000 per year (he works as a housekeeper, as well as, a gardener and house painter), but he knew like “any other American” that he wanted to own his own home. When he talked to bankers about qualifying for a home loan, “they look at you and their…