Cleverly-Built Tiny House That’s For Sale

For sale here:

This tiny house tour features a tiny house built by A Tiny House. It’s currently for sale. We hope you enjoyed this tour and if you’re looking for more tiny houses for sale, please visit

Tiny house for sale In Richmond, Virginia

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  1. I think retirees would likely be candidates for tiny houses but very few are built with them in mind. I don’t want to be in a park I don’t want ladders and I don’t want to crawl. I’ve seen them but they’re far and few between.

  2. Hi Love it totally Beautifully done All the way Around i can’t even tell you my Favorite cus its All my Favorite the ladder.the colors looks so clean omg the kitchen loft private up there bathroom O big washer dryer well done ???????????

  3. Estas mini casa”” Son caras!! Yo prefiero juntar un poquito más de dinero y comprar una casa, que tenga un baño con puerta y, sobretodo un dormitorio donde puedas subir y bajar sin cuidado de no caer, además, todos los días al despertar con un chichon en la cabeza.

  4. Can be just as cleverly built by your local contractors seperately (electrician/plumber/carpenter) for a third of the price.
    The load-bearing trailer is the most expensive part, and architectural design or approval on design..

  5. Massive cooktop that leaves no counter-space to prep food? Some people are happy with frozen dinners, I suppose, but I can’t help but imagine the dilemma of just making a smoothie or a cold-pressed juice or something. Washing up also – there’s only space for dirty OR drying dishes. I’ve got a bar fridge and 2 burner cooktop, to leave me with 2 metres of counter-space, and sometimes I still wish for more. Maybe men don’t spend enough time in the kitchen to understand, haha.

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