College Student Builds Outstanding DIY $15,000 Tiny House For Debt Free Living

can be challenging enough without worrying about how to pay for expensive rent. For Bradley, a college student from Jacksonville, Florida, a was the perfect solution to his accomodation dilemma.

His home is named , partly a play on words that relates to the living quarters on wheels, but also a reference to saving money and the fact that Bradley was able to construct his own home without following the traditional model of financing and living with debt.

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Constructed as a DIY project, this tiny house was constructed for only US$15,000. With the home now complete, Bradley is able to concentrate on his college work without the worry of rent payments and once his studies are complete, he has a debt free home to take with him into the future.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this house is so beautiful and has so much character. I love the big windows he installed for a lot of light to come in, and all of the wood around the house. It looks like a mini craftsman house, and I would be very proud to live there. Thank you for another amazing video, Bryce, and Thank you Bradley for showing us your home.

  2. To have to go through all of that after building something so significant. That would have gutted me inside out after all the hard work. Thumbs up to you buddy for being a strong and independent young man. You truly are an inspiration to the younger generation. And your home is beautiful.

  3. What a nice tiny house the office desk area/closet is my favorite part of the house. It gave me a lot of inspiration for me to build one because a lot of owner made tiny houses are somewhat higher at the price tag.

  4. This young man really seems down to Earth.
    Very very sweet tiny house. A dream for most students really. No neighbor. No noise. No pressure. No rent.
    That’s just dope.

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