College Students Build Tiny House as a Dorm Room Alternative

Westminster a as an on-campus living experiment. Students will get a chance to try out the lifestyle, and the is also planning to use the space for other academic studies.



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  1. Comparing this to a dorm room it’s 10 times nicer… we had a dorm room with a shared kitchen… everyone in the building shares it. Only downside would be the composting toilet.

  2. LOL, that guy didn’t look like he was very excited about moving into that little house. I’m sure I read it wrong. Was it just me or did you think those curtains looked like a barbecue grate, bad choice. IDK.

  3. Hey us old people need housing too. I get 1339$ month from SS. I was a nurse and I’m retired. I need to pay no more than 500$ per month. Lucky I don’t have to live like near San Francisco. My sister lives in Long Beach but I can’t afford to live anywhere near her. I want a tiny house but I can’t qualify for the loan with good credit and a down pmt.wt…

    • he can use the storage space below the sink and/or one of the stair storage spaces for food storage…also being on campus he can eat in the school cafeteria

  4. Jenna must have the blues cuz her hair is blue on the ends. LOL. Too cute. Love your tiny house show, and yes, tiny houses are a VERY good thing for anyone, especially students.

  5. great layout but the ceramic tiles might be problematic. The grout molds up easy without proper ventilation and could possibly fall off moving the structure. Great job otherwise.


    We just finished building the first two (2) story, full ceiling height (both floors), vertically expandable tiny home. Our unit is 24′-0″ long x 8′-6″ wide x 13′-6″ tall (17′-6″ when expanded). NO MORE LOFTS!!! Both the first and second floors have 7’-2” ceiling heights. It has 365 ft² total. It also offers the following amenities:

    • lightweight, only 7,500lbs (9,800lbs full of water)
    • steel structural insulated panel (SIP) walls, ceiling, and floors
    • 50 AMP and 30 AMP RV plugs
    • off-grid solar power via twelve (12) 330W solar panels (3,960W total)
    • 500AH of power storage
    • on-board 8,750W gasoline power generator
    • all LED lighting
    • city water hook-up
    • 582 gallons of fresh/waste water storage via three (3) 97 gallon tanks for fresh (291 total gallons) and three (3) 97 gallon tanks for waste water (291 total gallons)
    • rainwater harvesting system built into the roof fills tanks when it rains
    • standard size 40 gallon hot water heater
    • full-size stainless steel Samsung intelligent appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator/freezer, induction cooktop/convection oven, over-the-range microwave, and dishwasher)
    • 65” Samsung television in living room
    • large two (2) compartment sink w/ in-sink disposal
    • full-size cabinets and large pantry
    • table for two (2)
    • 48″ x 36″ glass shower enclosure
    • 36” sink cabinet w/ glass vessel sink
    • standard water flushing, macerating toilet
    • 36” wall mounted linen closet in bathroom
    • two (2) 60” wide x 40″ tall x 24″ deep closets
    • stairs, NOT a ladder to access second floor, NOT a loft
    • coat closet and shoe storage under stairs
    • bedroom accommodates up to a queen size bed
    • two (2) 60″ Haiku fans
    • central HVAC via mini-split
    • all proceeds go towards building permanent housing for disabled Veterans

  7. It’s a nice concept, but won’t the powerful vested interests who own the current student accommodation create a regulatory backlash to ban tiny houses on or near campus grounds? They don’t want to lose those hundreds/thousands of student rent-payers.

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