Compost & Grey Water for the Tiny House Lifestyle

Check out ’s composting and gray system his tiny .

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  1. this lifestyle is great for poor people who cant afford regular housing. i
    would do it too if i didnt have any money or much of it

  2. Great vids! – but its best to keep the humanure separate – put it in a
    50 gallon plastic barrel with a lid and holes drilled in the bottom –
    place the barrel away from ur garden area , when the barrel is full [
    takes about 1 – 2 years for a person ] seal it and forget it for 3 years ,
    now u have dirt.,

  3. Great simple info. Where can I pickup a 9 gallon grey water tank like
    yours? I want to run the same setup with a garden hose, very simple.

    • +per sebra so find a way to dispose of it other than in your sink or toilet
      🙂 i plan on getting a tiny house one day and i cook with oil too save a
      bunch of coffee cans great disposable system for oil if you don’t drink
      coffee get your neighbor to save em’!

  4. Nice system. It’s so nice to have a little land of your own to experiment
    with these kinds of things. People should have never stopped gardening.
    It used to be almost everyone that had land had a garden. It’s our
    connection to nature.

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