Container home brings high-end functions to tiny prefab market

Concerned about the housing market, friends Nate Garnero & Doug Burdge decided to make a high-end, prefab container at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. They came with Buhaus, a high-end, custom-finished container home.

the past of decades shipping containers have been injected into architecture as a cheap, available resource or a stackable one; Buhaus encloses the original box in polished aluminum to create a high-end aesthetic.

The original doors are still operable and open to create a large /outdoor bathroom/shower. The cladding isn’t just a design feature, but serves as insulation and a barrier to wildfires; the designers were reacting to the 2018 Woolsey Fire that ripped through their native Malibu.

“At 160 sq feet, Buhaus is comfortable, customizable, and compact and is equipped with a bedroom and bathroom space. Deriving from the 20th-Century German architectural movement “bauhaus”, Buhaus is our model for Malibu… Buhaus is a living unit designed to be used as a , backyard office, or studio.”
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  1. The silver one needs a green roof I think. Plants trailing over the side would make it more aesthetically pleasing to look at, I was wondering where the heck is the kitchen area – oh it’s a cupboard! I think this is a weekday place for someone who eats out when working but who has a place to live in elsewhere, not really a long home more like a B&B or a hotel room. 😒

  2. TVs are obsolete? As I watch this on my 75 inch TV.
    Also, no habital home is done by “seat of the pants” engineering.
    That”s just dangerous.

  3. Pretty interesting design… And it’s in boo! I’m leaning towards this method of housing… it’s another level of custom!

  4. I’m building something almost exactly like this using a 20ft shipping container on a permanent foundation in my back yard with an expansive deck to be used as a guest house.

  5. I have a bunch of 20’ designs for over ten years. Also two story and retirement duplex units but never any company in my area to build anything.

  6. the problem with the alum shield is that it will transfer the heat away from you and directly into the vicinity, soon you’ll have unhappy neighbors piling up

  7. I normally sleep on a yoga mat on the ground at my dads but when I arrived today there was a single bed there. I hated it so we took it out of the room and I put the yoga mat on the ground. One of the things I hated was the step up to it. A mat on the ground seems inviting. Now I know what this guy meant when he said he didnt want to have to step into the house just wanted a flat entrance. A flat entrance to something is welcoming a step up is cold, takes effort, and seems like someone has to ask permission to do it. Before I realised this with my bed I had no idea what he was on about but its a deep psychological effect.

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