Couple Build Luxury Tiny House To Travel The World

This , is sure to impress! The entire home is through and through, but best of all, this is a home which allows its owners, Bela and Spencer, to live a life of their choosing, enabling them to travel the world together with their young daughter, Escher.

Located in southern California, the home is designed to take advantage of the fantastic weather and has / outdoor living in mind. A of thought has gone into making this a truly functional home for the family, while remaining luxurious throughout.

Best of all, Bela and Spencer are able to rent out their home for two thirds of the year, helping to their world-wide travels while also giving them a stable place to call home. You can find out more about Bela and Spencers adventures on their blog:

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Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston

Editing: Rasa Pescud

Additional photo credit: New Frontier Tiny :

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  1. Nice couple and cute family. My only concern is the lack communal place for their family if they can’t go outside. Cool video nevertheless.

  2. i swear to god i saw a guy building this house for his clients and had that EXACT hammered copper accent wall that i have not seen in ANY other house and i cant find that channel !!! : ‘(

  3. This stunning tiny house is with tons of inspiration to grab …I can watch the video over and over again…loved it…and love how Bryce u manage to find such awesome houses

  4. I dunno why bur I love their atmosphere and feelings they provide and her voice is so calm and soothing!
    Great house an tour!! 😀

  5. I think this is my favourite tiny house ever. It has character, space, storage and style. No compromises – full size everything (well for UK anyway!).

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