Couple Builds Stunning DIY Tiny Home – Tiny House Expo Award Winning Design
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  1. I love the pantry created between the fridge and staircase. That’s a design I didn’t consider. I adore almost everything about this lovely home.

  2. Very nice place?. But in my opinion- there is never an excuse for not having some type of stair railing-if only on one side and even on a small amount of steps.

  3. I like that you don’t need to open up your couch just to get to the storage under it.
    I’d add curtains to hide the clutter, but going behind a curtain is way nicer than lifting up the seat. Plus it’s less hardware to buy and maintain.

  4. Finally something I think my son could live in. He’s got more tools than you so he might need a space that could fit his tool chest.

  5. The very best thing of all is that you designed your ideal space, for you, and not for the approval of the sad, critical people of the world, many of whom come here to share their pain.

    I can see that you built with love, thought, and pride. Good on ya.

    I did the same, and I couldn’t care less what people think of it. I planned for my own space since I was 10, and now, I have my home, nearly 55 years later, and I’ve been in it for over 4 years, and I change things when I get bored, or need a change. Everything is on wheels or is moveable, except the kitchen sink, and that’s doable in a pinch. I’ve built this as my final resting place while alive, and it’s perfectly able to accommodate a wheelchair, or a Hoyer, or whatever else I might need. I already have an adjustable electric bed, and this is my recliner, too. lol

    Do what makes you happy, for you’re a long time dead. You have a great start!

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