Couple fits lofted barnhouse, Quonset hut on skinny lot

On a , but lot, Jean and Joe a barn-style house to maximize the vertical on their . With a limited , but that required a garage (priced at $30,000), they bought a $6,000 big enough to fit two cars and erected it with the help of friends over a weekend.

They had originally thought of buying a , but decided that the by (creator of the WeeHouse) would fit better with the boxy Victorians in the neighborhood.

The barnhouse also opened up the interior for a -to-ceiling unobstructed living room. Wanting something that like the Manhattan apartment they had left behind with their move to Minneapolis, the couple chose not to use all possible second-floor space, and instead they created a treehouse-style bedroom that overlooks the living room.

To keep costs down they picked up an IKEA showroom kitchen at 70% off, working wooden highlights into the gray to personalize the cabinets. Not wanting to spend on “floating walnut stairs”, they instead opted for diamond-tread for the stairs to continue with the lighty industrial feel of the space.

The couple's “treehouse” bedroom cabin has an inside window that both looks down at the living space and matches with the exterior window so the bedroom still experiences the sunrise.

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  1. So their neighbors now have to look at a rooftop of a building that shines brightly in the sun . Forget being neighborly every man for themselves.

    • Looks like a happy neighborhood to me! Nice well-kept houses, lovely street trees, grassy medians. Maybe you are just depressed?

  2. FINALLY: and english speaking home owner that can explain clearly whats going on and I am able to visually see everything without having to concentrate on reading the bloody translation at the bottom of the screen missing out on the visual side.

  3. I find it odd that it took her 2 months of reserch and no one from the field told her about coating the metal… It’s what you do with any opened steel structure in my country. That’s common knowledge for any architect or engineer

  4. Considering how off-center and narrow the driveway to the garage is, i can only imagine the nightmare it must be getting out of the garage in reverse.

  5. You guys (Americans) gotta bring back the porch as an architectural feature, it s a pity it s dying out.

  6. House looks nice (especially master bath), but I think a carport with a breezeway (if allowed) would have been nicer for the lot. It would allow the car to be driven straight out. Beside it a small shed or structure for tools or even bbq and entertaining could be constructed. This could be made to better blend with the house. There’s a lot of unnecessary headspace in that garage which makes it look disproportionately large and plane hanger.

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