Couple live FULL TIME in only 50 Square Feet! A Tiny House Story.

Meet Dan and Emily Hutcheson Moore- who after taking a few hands-on workshops, and gaining inspiration from several festivals, decided to take the plunge and live tiny full time- in a cabin-like vargo only 50 square feet in size at its base. This self-built home on wheels certainly is small, but does contain their needs and facilities for just about any occasion- from showering, to napping, going to the bathroom, and cooking.

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    • Think it is an upload error, there’s sometimes random issues uploading videos so he’ll probably need to re-upload the video later once he realizes there’s a problem…

  1. i have news for people. Being fmr homeless, you CAN live in a small space. My fiver is a mansion compared to a 9×7 tent. I like their build

  2. Yeah it cuts off abruptly. My question is how do you deal with receiving mail if you’re constantly moving, especially time sensitive stuff?

    • There are services that’ll handle mail for travelers, for a fee both receiving and sometimes even automatically forwarding it as needed… Many also set up some sort of home base where their mail can be sent and they just periodically drop by to pick it up…

      Sometimes that’s as simple as a P.O, Box or it can be a friend or relative you would visit anyway on a regular basis…

  3. Television should be outlawed. Look up the patent on the tell a vision…. it’s a national emergency… truth be told!

  4. Former homeless guy here. I’ve lived in a minivan before lol! Between work, gym, storage it’s all possible, especially temporarily.

  5. Cmon now they have to secretly have another place. dont they constantly want to kill each other?picturing someone reaching their hand in those windows while theyre sleeping lol.
    Love it for myself though my ’69 12 ft cavco camper?

  6. Deek, come out to Skoolie Palooza in 2020 @ Quartzsite AZ January 20-29. There should be lots of buses for you to tour, (and at least a few fans).

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