Couple Living in a Low-Cost Tiny Cabin for More Financial Freedom

This tiny cabin was self-built on a budget using mostly secondhand and reclaimed materials. Luke has lived in his cabin for the past 5 years, and his partner Meg moved in about 1.5 years after it was built. The cabin itself is a little over 200 square feet and is very simply furnished with a kitchen, a bed, a , and a couple of . They also have small outbuildings including an outhouse, a pumphouse for their laundry machines and freezer, an outdoor shower, and a studio space for making music and housing guests.

Luke originally built the tiny cabin as a way to get away from city life so that he could have a quiet and affordable place to focus on making music. The cabin is built on 2.5 acres of shared land that is owned by a friend, and it's located on unceded Coast Salish Territory.

With Meg being a nutritionist, growing food was a natural interest and so having the space to was a big factor in her decision to move from the city to a rural property. Having a low-cost housing situation has also given her the financial freedom to spend time her nutrition business.

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  1. Lovely couple. Cute house. I am just concerned about all the unpainted wood on the exterior, as plywood disintegrates fast when exposed to moisture. It might have a coat of polyurethane i can’t see, but that needs to be reapplied every other year. Painting the wood lasts much, much longer. There’s environmentally safer paint with low or no VOCs. Go with a brown color if you want the feel/look of natural wood. And lastly, Satin or Semigloss sheen on wood lasts FAR longer and repels water much better than Flat sheen, which is typical on houses. Good luck!

  2. So cute! I could live comfortably in this home. But put your grains in sealed containers…I just envisioned happy mice!

  3. These videos are great. They show another side of people who want to lessen their footprint on the planet, but maybe don’t have the resources / desire / knowledge… to live completely off grid. Kudos to anyone who has a vision and sees it through to fruition!

  4. Love the choices you two have made, and the collaborative community that you are a part of.
    You’ll all be in a more sustainable situation than most people when this next recession hits hard.
    Shelter, food, water, heat and electricity – you’ve got the basics well in hand.
    Ruggedizing your food growing system to handle the sudden & severe disruptions of climate change caused extreme weather events could prove to be a wise survival strategy addition as well.
    Best of luck to you both and to your entire community.

  5. If youtube had been around when I was their age, I would have been drawn to their lifestyle. Not necessarily what they do to make a living, but living free of mortgages and high rents. I think slowly but surely a movement is growing among young people to do just that as they see the ever escalating prices of either buying or renting leaving them with very little disposable income to enjoy the things in life which make life worth living. My generation grew up wanting every convenience that came down the pike and striving to getting bigger and better and that was a never ending pursuit and life was passing us bye. Everyone needs a place to call home and that shouldn’t cost an arm or a leg during the best part of our lives and hoping to retirement so we could finally enjoy life. I encourage young people to shun the rat race and make life worth living while you’re living. Go get em.

  6. I am curious… I am on the west coast in southwestern Oregon. Where are you? I live on 40 acres in the country near the Pacific Ocean, 90 miles north of California.

  7. I like the interior of the home but the exterior of the home and the out-buildings look more like hillbilly living.

  8. Hi from India!! Lovely home.. @11.53 noticed the use of stone grinder.. being from the south of India, we use this a lot for grinding lentil batters. I am curious to know what she uses it for!

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