Couple’s 20ft Tiny House has LOADS of Clever Features & Epic Home Office Set-up

Jake & Kiva started building their 20-foot long tiny house in 2014 and they’ve been in it full-time with their cat and dog for 4 years now! They came up with some brilliant solutions and designs to maximize the small and make it as functional as possible, including a transforming home office, hidden charging stations, central vac, a space-saving table, paw-wiping cat stairs, a computer-programmed LED lighting system, a swinging towel rack, 3D printed hardware, and a ton more! Step into the Tiny Nest with us to meet the clever couple and learn about their DIY home that cost just $36K CAD to build!

When you first walk into the house, there’s a 2-level coat closet and a functional storage for things you need when coming in and out of the house (keys, dog towels, water bottles, etc.). The kitchen itself has loads of counter space, it has an induction cooktop and a toaster oven, stacked bar fridges (one of which is actually a freezer!), food storage below the counter, and open shelving for dishes above.

The bathroom creates a hallway with the shower on the left, and a and sink on the right.

The room has a large l-shaped sectional sofa for lounging, and a transforming home office and entertainment system for gaming and watching movies. There’s loads of storage under the couch and in the full length shelving unit.

The sliding ladder is tucked away behind the fridge but it can be pulled out and extended to access the king-sized loft that has a massive bed, a closet, shelving, and a cat house!

The Tiny Nest is designed to be on the grid for electricity, there’s propane for heat and hot water, a well for water, and a self-built composting toilet.

in a self-built house has allowed Jake and Kiva to quit their jobs and start their own tiny house business, as well as working odd jobs on their own terms, like contract electrical work and horse care. We’re so glad we had the chance to meet them and tour their home, and we hope you’ll follow along on their adventures!

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Editing Credits:
Mat and Danielle of Exploring

Filming Credits:
Mat of Exploring

Additional footage of Jack the pup and photos of the build provided by Jake and Kiva

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  1. I especially like the layered closet right at the front door! Not many tiny homes have not one closet at their entryway. Awesome! 💐💐

  2. Ngl there were a lot of things that annoyed me while watching this video, many of them irrational, but the one big annoyance that I feel is totally justified is the “our cat goes outside and also pees/poops outside” part. So many tiny homeowners do this and it drives me insane.

  3. This guy has a career designing tiny homes if he wants it.

    Nerdy kids, hang in there, you are the cool people among adults, you win in the end!

  4. Jake,
    As a retired electrician that also wrote code for production motor controls, I applaud your house controls setup.
    I also think your kitchen counter top is beautiful. I have been thinking about replacing the kitchen counter top in my house with a wood of some kind. I like your idea of the lamination process. That would allow it to be a one piece design sense there is a corner to deal with. Kiva I am sure you have had a large input on the inside as well. If I were designing one the change I would make is put my sleeping quarters on the first level. At my age of 74 yo it is not easy climbing steps or a ladder.
    Keep up the good work.

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