Couple’s STUNNING Tiny House! Ditched NYC rent for simple living

Get Special Black Friday 70% OFF of your next Huusk knife: 🏡 Meet Leo & Shannon, newlyweds living in a gorgeous custom 40 gooseneck tiny house built by Liberation Tiny Homes. Their no.1 goal: financial independence. By leaving NYC for a rural tiny home in North Carolina, they drastically lowered their monthly expenses.


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👉How & where can you find tiny house PARKING?
👉How can TOW my THOW to relocate or road trip?
❇️ directed & edited by Tiny House Expedition’s Christian & Alexis
❇️ shot by Christian
❇️ produced by Alexis
❇️ extra footage from owners,

Video Chapters:
0:00 – intro newlyweds’ tiny home
1:26 – tiny house parking search
2:22 – 10 wide tiny
8:07 – their tiny NYC apartment
9:10 – high to affordable lot rent
10:09 – sponsor message
11:16 – tour cont’d
16:23 – cost & financing
18:01 – standing height bedroom
19:10 – loft for future kid
19:48 – pros & challenges
20:53 – tiny advice
21:51 – hello from Tiny House Expedition

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  1. Thanks to our sponsor! Get Special Black Friday 70% OFF of your next Huusk knife: 🏡Newlyweds Leo & Shannon live in a gorgeous custom 40 ft x 10 ft wide gooseneck tiny house. By leaving NYC for rural Acony Bell Tiny Home Village in North Carolina, they drastically lowered their monthly expenses. Fortuantely, Shannon was able to turn a pandemic layoff into a creative tiny home financing opportunity. 👉 *WATCH a tour of their neighbor’s extra tiny THOW:*

  2. I look and find elements i love from different tiny homes, but have never felt that I have seen a complete perfect one for me … until now. I added to my favorites thank you! I love everything about you guys!

  3. I’ve watched hundreds of videos on Tiny Homes & this one is my absolute Favorite!!! Such great design both interior & exterior.
    Perfect amount of color & so bright & airy! Bravo! 👏

  4. Such a beautiful, well thought out home, just lovely, functional and adorable. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
    That kitchen, oohwee. Thank you for sharing this happy home.

  5. I am gobsmacked by the clever design of this house. It is so spacious, yet, is incredibly well-appointed. I’ve never seen a tiny-house that is so well-planned as this one. Kudos to the owners…seriously, this house is so luxurious – loved the upper deck, but even the bottom deck was spectacular too. And that lounge…oh my, how did you fit such a beautiful lounge in a tiny house? You’ve actually thought of everything…the moving tv…brilliant. I’m book-marking this house. It’s just so amazing, I’ll want to come back and watch the video again.

  6. The amount of money waste these two had in their life was insane. As a European, I still can’t understand how large cities in the US can have rent up to or more than 2000$ a month, it’s just crazy. Then they had to pay 160k for a tiny home on wheel, where in Europe 160k gets you a very decent sized apartment depending on where you live, certainly larger than this, and then they pay 600$ of rent for the place, which to me is already getting in the ballpark of expensive as far renting goes. I don’t fully understand how 401k savings account work, but the way she talked about it, I feel like a ton of money waste was happening in their lives, and they barely managed to get it under control. What’s surprising to me is that there are people out there with 50k $ tiny homes, and they had to pay the price of a regular apartment for it, even though it’s a home on wheel. All of this is… Plain insane.

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