Cozy A-Frame Cabin on Homestead – renovations & tiny community plans!


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0:00 –
2:36 – A-frame cabin tour
7:14 – sponsor message
8:20 – tour cont'd
8:57 – tiny kitchen
13:33 – bathroom
15:44 – downstairs
17:04 – entryway
18:36 – home office nook
19:19 – upstairs
22:43 – renovation ideas
23:20 – tiny house
24:45 – tiny home tours!

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  1. Thanks to our sponsor! Get $50 off Elvin Leather Recliner & Ottoman w/code AFRAME: ✨ Welcome to our A-frame cabin that we’re slowly renovating & applying some design ideas from our DIY tiny house. Our 1.25-acre tiny homestead has many outbuildings, including a massive greenhouse & chicken coop. We plan to rent our THOW & create a 2nd parking spot for someone else to rent. Mini tiny village here we come! 🏡We’d love to hear your cabin reno ideas! 👉 *Tour our DIY tiny home:*

  2. I love your tiny home! Just some advice, I would keep all three bedrooms. As u get older having options at times becomes necessary. I had fractured my foot and have had surgeries for other issues, just getting in out of bed was challenging. When I or my husband gets the flu etc I’ll sleep in the guest room. I love all the updates you’ve made it’s so cozy! 🥰👍🏻

    • Thank you for the thoughtful feedback! You make a really great point; flexibility is quite valuable. 😊💕

  3. Thank you for the tour of your lovely A frame house. I’m glad that you got the home of your dreams. I also have a U-shaped kitchen in my condo. I really like it. Everything is handy.

    • Interesting idea 🤔 like it for adding light but it is one of our few straight walls that helps a lot with functionality of the space.

    • Great question! That for sure is an option and would be helpful & inexpensive. We’re thinking about moving it on the property, because where it is would be an ideal tiny house parking spot for someone. But would definitely be a big effort 😅

  4. Congratulations on your property! Great to hear your plans.
    You asked for ideas. 🙂 I would break down the wall between the linving space and the ds bedroom. That way you get more light and a spacious living room where you can create a dining/working (Alexis) area. In the future you could break down the add on and make a sun room at the back. Great for passive warmth in the winter, plus you can use it as a mud room or build out the kitchen.

    • Thank you!! Love the idea of adding a sunroom.🌞 More light is definitely needed, and an open downstairs would help tremendously with flow. Also would allow us to put in a nice big table for dining & projects 🤔

  5. Lovely, you guys. And your sharing is interesting and easy to listen to. I really appreciate you and your offerings. 🏞️🏞️American Grace now in Sri Lanka 🏞️🏞️

    • Absolutely’ I love it! 3 bedrooms is a plus in my opinion! But an office space for you both down stairs would be nice also. Then you guys will have a master bedroom. Me personally I would keep the laundry room but open that wall for easier access! Whatever you guys decide will be fabulous!!! ☺️

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