COZY OR BRIGHT? Which Way Do You Like Tiny Houses?

When we started this tiny house last year it was a wet spring and we were so…miserable is a strong word. Now a year later we have the comforts and the cute added! It cost very little to fix it up and soon we will unveil the whole thing…but for now, do you like the reds from last years or the blues and whites from this year? We also added a rocket mass and bench so the amount of space we had to work with changed as well. Next video I show you the kitchen and pantry improvements! Thanks for watching!

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We are a little Idaho of four our dream of self reliance whether traveling the country filming other freedom dreamers or living the dream ourself in a little off grid cabin we finished ourselves. To introduce ourselves we are Julianne (me), Jon (hubby), Paige (my big girl) and Kaia (the baby). We have had a whirlwind adventure the last few years whether we are homesteading, traveling the country in an rv, or living off grid in a tiny house.


  1. I like both actually. Maybe the blue and white in the spring and summer, and back to red in fall and winter? LOL I do like to change with the seasons.

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