Curved Roof Tiny House Has Soaking Tub in Loft

Daniel hand builds houses in Indiana. This dubbed “Snails Away” was his first house build that he lives in. fact that it’s hand built using materials from here and there gives it loads of character. It has a sound-proof roof recording music in, and what’s super-unique in soaking tub up in the loft. Thanks to Daniel for sharing his creating and his home with us!

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  1. I am Daniel Weddle the builder and occupant of Snails Away. I thought I
    would answer a couple of the main questions that have come up .

    Poop, where does it go?
    Currently I poop in my partner’s tiny home, which is equipped with a
    Nature’s Head composting toilet. In the future there is a space next to my
    tub for my own composting toilet. My toilet will store outside the
    structure and will be pulled in like a drawer. This is a design I very much
    admired in a home I saw in Asheville, NC so I adapted it for my own use.

    Breaking the rule #1 by lofting water?
    The lofted tub was/is one of the most difficult design features of the
    home, though I felt is necessary for preserving the continuity of the
    common space while making a truly relaxing space. The primary support for
    the tub comes from a hickory post that ties into the rafter system of the
    house. Additional support is provided by a lean wall at the base of the
    tub, 2″ poplar planks beneath the tub, and very large hardware.

    Thanks for your questions and thoughts.

  2. that is such an interesting layout. As for the bathroom if anyone wanted to
    borrow this idea you could put the bathroom where the music room is. Or you
    could put the tub (and a laundry!!) downstairs in that space and build an
    outhouse or squeeze it in somehow. but as long as the weight is accounted
    for and the engineering is handled correctly….that upstairs tub is OK by
    me! why would it be any different than having a tub in an upstairs bathroom
    of a regular house?

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